TIA witness problem in VCCS: all the flights stopped

The flights operation in TIA has been disrupted after a problem was discovered in communication network of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) today’s morning.

Raj Kumar Chettri, General Manager of TIA stated that the flight operation was interrupted due to problem in area and approach of Voice Communication Control System (VCCS). However, there is no problem in landing he added.

Chettri said that the flight had stopped for some time due to problem in area and approach frequency system.

He also informed that the airport has another VCCS machine and the installing work of machine is going on.“ The flight services has been resumed since 11:30 in the morning he added.

The flight had been affected since 9 o’clock due to malfunction in VCCS .



VCCS is used for Air Traffic Management such as VHF Tx/RX, telephone, and other ATC communications. It also provides an inter-networked chain & backbone for numerous interfaces acting as an exchange for all the interfaces put together. It works on various IT protocols customized for each set of facility.

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