Tibet has opened Terminal 3 at Lhasa Gonggar Airport

Tibet has opened Terminal 3 at Lhasa Gonggar Airport. Experts say the terminal’s opening on Saturday will help South Asia become a global logistics hub for passenger and cargo services.

With the new terminal, the airport will be able to handle 9 million passengers and up to 80,000 metric tons of cargo annually. At the same time, according to the airport, it can handle 75 percent more passenger traffic at all airports in Tibet.

The implementation of the airport expansion plan was started three years ago. Accordingly, 88,000 square meters of the terminal have been expanded, which is three times the size of the main terminal.

It has 21 stand parking aprons, supporting air traffic control facilities, and new communication and air freight facilities.

The airport expansion, which began in December 2017, has invested six hundred three million USD.

China has been promoting infrastructure investment in Tibet since 2012. There are 130 air routes in Tibet, and 61 cities are connected by air, Xinhua said.

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