Tikapur airport to come in operation still uncertain

Tikapur airport which has been out of operation for more than past 2 decades still has no hint of coming back into operation. The long term closure has turned the airport into pastureland.

The airport has been out of operation since 2054 after the airport closed operation due to people’s movement during Maoist insurgency period. Though the locals have been urging to commence re-operation of the airport, the airport has not been in eye of concerned authority.

Locals have been requesting local government as well as other political parties for last 7 years.

The airport commenced operation from 2042 BS but was closed from 2054 and around 6-7 years since its closure Kamaiya people started residing around the airport area after being freed.
In 2069, with the initiation from locals and Tikapur government officials, the Kamaiya agreed to leave the area after the officials stated to relocate their settlement.

Afterwards, for the operation of the airport, the airport area have been fenced and 600 meter runway have been renovated at around 20 million rupees. In 2071, test flight by Tara air twin-otter was done so as to recommence the operation with 1 weekly flight however the regular flight was not seen in the airport.

Tikapur Municipality had collected around 3.5 million rupees to bring airport into operation yet with cancellation of flight, the money remains deserted.

Thereafter, in 2073 and recently 3 months back survey was conducted and the report has been submitted to tourism minister Rabindra Adhikari.

Public representative have been stating that 40-42 seater aircraft can be operated from the airport for which black-topping is also necessary.

People and passenger around Tikapur are compelled to travel to Nepalgunj or Dhangadhi airport which re more than 100 kilometer far to use air service.

Locals are also ready to provide around 300 meter area extra to extend the airport runway.

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