Titan Airways evacuates 228 passengers from Nepal


Titan Airways has paid a second visit to Kathmandu, Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) flight for the evacuations of British passengers stranded at Nepal after the country went locked down. Since international flights were stopped from 24th March, there have been a number of chartered ferry flights that flew to take out tourists and expats back to their nations. The carrier made its first visit on 8th April and made its final call for boarding of passengers today.


The carrier evacuated a total of 228 passengers today from TIA. Altogether 188 foreign nationals boarded the aircraft with 40 Nepalese passengers. The repartition flight flew 184 nationals of United Kingdom, 2 from France, one from Portugal and one America to their destination connecting their homes today. The flight was conducted by a Boeing 767-36ER aircraft with registration ‘Z-POWD’ and has a flight identification number of ZT103C. The flight took off at 2:40 PM today from Kathmandu and will be landing Dubai as a transit destination for the passengers.

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