Titan Airways Malta secures AOC, to target cargo market

The European airlines, Titan Airways launched its new subsidiary, the Titan Airways Malta, after securing the Air Operator Certificate(AOC) from the Civil Aviation Directorate at Transport Malta. The European airlines announced the news about the launch of Titan Airways Malta on July 29, 2021.

Titan Airways 767 spotted at Kathmandu, Titan Airways Malta secures AOC

Following the announcement, the Managing Director of Titan Airways Malta, Alastair Willson, said

“We are delighted to receive our Air Operator’s Certificate from the Civil Aviation Directorate at Transport Malta today for Titan Airways Malta Limited. Thank you to our European partners, Katrina Abela and the team from GVZH Advocates, Transport Malta, and all our team for their hard work in establishing this new airline”.

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Titan Airways Malta: Vision to expand the horizon

The British airlines founded in 1988 has been flying passengers and cargo across the world for over 30 years. The outstanding commitments and passion for maintaining a high-standard service environment have made Airlines one of the leading ACMI lease and charter Airlines in Europe. Holding the Worldwide Air Operator’s Certificate, additional licenses to operate flights in the US, Canada, and Australia, Titan Airways is also accredited under the IATA’s Operational Safety Audit Programme( internationally recognized quality standards). 

Titan Airways 767 spotted at Kathmandu, Titan Airways Malta secures AOC

The independent UK charter airlines is expecting to extend its operational reach within Europe and other corners of the globe with the establishment of Titan Airways Malta. The founding of the Maltese venture has widened the horizon for the British airlines to discover new potential markets; both companies have promised to work closely to ensure the high standards of safety, service, and reliability that Titan Airways is renowned for in its over three-decade service. 

The Maltese authorities also seem to be delighted with the news of Titan Airways joining the service in the region. The Director-General of the Maltese Civil Aviation Directorate, Cpt. Charles Pace also commented on the great ambition and eagerness shown by the British carrier to obtain the necessary certification to operate in the region. Commenting on the launch of the new airlines in the region, Pace thanked Titan Airways for having faith in the Maltese aviation market and making such a big investment, also acknowledging the diligent work of the inspectors to meet the set target within the fixed timeframe. 

Airbus Aircraft To Target Passenger and Cargo Market

During the announcement, it was revealed that the European airlines has decided to accept the Airbus A321-200 as the first aircraft to commence Titan Airways Malta’s service. The Maltese AOC will add the Airbus A321 to its fleet, which the two A321P2Fs will later join during the summer of this year. Also, European airlines plans to add an additional two of the EFW freighters in next year, 2022.

The A321 twin-engined jet variant from the Airbus family is popular for short to medium-range flights with narrow-body designs. The aircraft has an overall length of 44.51m and a wingspan of 35.80m standing at the height of 11.76m. The narrow-bodied jetliner can accommodate up to 180-220 passengers in a typical 2-class seating and can cover a distance of 7,400 km in a single flight. 

With a max cabin length of 34.44 m with max cabin width of 3.70m, the Airbus variant offers brand new options for configuring the floor space allowing more flexibility and increasing the seating capacity at the same time. 

Similarly, the joint venture of Airbus and ST Engineering, Elbe Flugzeugwerke(EFW), worked on the conversion of A321P2F(passenger to freighter), which marked the birth of the world’s first-ever A321 converter freighter. The EFW had received Supplemental Type Certification(STC) for the A321P2F from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency(EASA) in February 2020. The Airbus freighter, which has been promoted as the best economic, cargo capacity, and performance single-aisle freighter, is expected to give Titan Airways Malta a competitive advantage for future growth.

So with these capable aircraft, the Titan-Maltese subsidiary is planning to start its service at full throttle covering both passengers and all-cargo operations.

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