Top 10 busiest airports around world

Top 10 busiest airports around world

Sumesh Shrestha – Airports are designed to deal with a huge flow of air travelers. They deal with thousands of such travelers day and night 25X7 and millions of them per air. An airport does not only deal with travelers but also handle all the flights operation, runway operations, communication and navigation operations and a lot more. A suitable location and main transit hub can make an airport dramatically busy and under this basis of travelers that an airport hel on 2015, they are classified into top 10 busiest airport of the world as follows.

10. Dallas Fort-Worth International

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According to Airport Council International’s preliminary 2015 traffic results, making an increment of 0.9% passenger handling rate, Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport welcomed 64 million travelers in 2015. This Texas based Airport had now dropped from ninth place to tenth and known as 10th most busiest airport of the world.

9. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

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Paris’ International Airport has also dropped down in the ranking moving from eighth to ninth place. Although it had a increment of 3.1% of travelers figuring a total of 65 million travelers.

8. Hong Kong International Airport

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Hong Kong International Airport is the world’s largest air cargo hub. With an increase of 8.2% of the travelers rate which figured 68 million, it stays at the position of eighth among the top 10 busiest airport around world.

7. Los Angeles International Airport

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Los Angeles International Airport saw an increment of 6.1% of traveler rate and figured the total of 74.93 passengers. But it dropped from fifth to seventh in the ranking. Hence it stays at number seven for now.

6. London Heathrow Airport

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London Heathrow Airport welcomed total number of 74.98 passengers with an increment from previous year. But London Heathrow Airport, on the second position previous year dropped three spots down and sits on number six for now.

5. Tokyo Haneda Airport

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With a rise of 3.4% of traveler rate Tokyo Haneda Airport welcomed more than 75 million passengers in 2015. Thus it now stays at the position of fifth in the ranking.

4. Chicago O’Hare International Airport

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Chicago O’Hare International Airport could move up to the rank fourth from the seventh position in 2014. It welcomed a total of 9.8% increased rate of travelers. Runway expansions and other capacity developments played significant role for massive progress, tells the ACI report.

3. Dubai International Airport

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Dubai International Airport which was ranked sixth in 2014 has moved up to third position, its traffic grew by massive 10.7% with a figure of 78 million passengers. It is also the busiest airport around globe in terms of international passengers.

2. Beijing Capital International Airport

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Beijing International Airport’s traffic grew with index of 4.4% welcoming total of 89.9 million passengers through last year. Beijing Airport was expected to move to first place by 2015, but it is not benefited from the double digit growth it enjoyed previous years, says the ACI report.

1. Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International

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Welcoming more than 100 million passengers in 2015, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport scores the top position in World’s busiest airport list.

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