Top 5 Advice for Traveling While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a dream for many and can provide countless learning opportunities. It is a life-changing experience that is very different from going on a vacation. If you are someone who loves to travel, studying abroad is the perfect chance to explore a new country and at the same time study your desired program. However, students often get confused and make wrong choices and waste their time overseas. With these top five pieces of advice, you can easily balance studying abroad and exploring your passion for traveling.

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Packing essentials

Do not pack unrequited stuff in your luggage and make it heavy. Make sure to pack smartly by only keeping things that you may need during your time there – stick to the essentials. Everything you may need is available abroad, and sometimes even at affordable rates. So, unnecessarily adding weight to your travel baggage may not be the right thing to do and can also make you pay extra charges when the airline’s maximum baggage limit is exceeded. However, research items you may have a harder time getting abroad, like certain prescription medications, and arrange the proper way to transport them into the foreign country.

Choose the right course.

If you have not yet chosen what program you will study abroad, make sure you choose the one that matches your travel plans. Different courses come with different class timings and attendance requirements. For instance, some study programs only require you to attend classes four days a week, while others have a strict and overwhelming schedule. It is recommended that one chooses a flexible program and leaves you with enough time to explore your other interests.

While at university, the workload may get unbearable at times, so do not hesitate to opt for writing services online and make sure to check out essay writing services reviews before making a choice. Even the hardest course taken in a foreign county can be made simple with professional academic help. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance if you feel like your grades are at risk.

Learn local phrases

When you go to a foreign country, it is always advisable to do some prior research and learn the basics to sustain you there. One of the important things that you can learn before going abroad is the local language of the place you are going to stay at. In the beginning, knowing general phrases to ask for directions, basic amenities around, and the cost of something you want to buy can help you easily navigate your way through an unfamiliar place. It can make you save time and money as well.



Spend wisely

Needless to say that studying abroad is as expensive as it gets. One may get into debt if money is not saved, wherever possible, and spent judiciously. Some ways how you can achieve this task are:

  • It is best to avoid famous and posh brands or expensive grocery stores when shopping – research where you can buy groceries in bulk.
  • Don’t overindulge in takeout food – better cook at home.
  • Make a list of things that you need in a month ad shop accordingly.
  • Don’t plan any extravagant overseas trips – travel locally via a car, bus or train.
  • Book accommodation with a roommate to save on rent.

Additionally, you can also save a lot of money by availing yourself of student discounts. For that, all you need is your college ID card, and you can get services for less cost and sometimes even for free.

Travel safely

There are a lot of difficult situations you may get into when traveling to a completely new place. Before traveling to any place or just strolling on the street, make sure you know the routes and emergency numbers. It goes without saying that it is best to take precautions and travel safely than to take risks, which can later become a concern for your safety. Also, make sure to have maps, language translators, and other necessary travel apps installed on your phone with a proper internet connection. Look for the safest and fast routes that have good connectivity to transport services. You can also share your location with family or a friend before going out. And more importantly, respect and adhere to the local laws for tourists, for one would not want to get into any legal mess overseas.

All in all, enjoy your time while you are abroad and make most of the opportunities you get there. Do not lose the focus from your study program, for that is the reason why you have gone there, to begin with. So, try to maintain a balance between your studies and traveling. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to study abroad and also make use of the remaining time to follow their interests. That is exactly why all these tips, as mentioned above, can assist you in having a memorable and productive travel experience while studying abroad.


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