Tourism & Civil Aviation Ministry signs MoU with Nepal Army for Nijgadh International Airport

Tourism, Civil Aviation Ministry of Nepal along with Civil Aviation Authority has signed a memorandum of understanding with Nepal Army for the peripheral road construction at Nijgadh International Airport.

CAAN (Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal) previously had been planning to give over the peripheral road construction job to Nepal Army. Nepal Army analyzing the proposed Nijgadh International Airport targeted to be the largest in South Asia and also marked as the national honoring project had willed to work on the airport project.

MOU agreement between Tourism, Civil Aviation Ministry, and Nepal Army was signed on 4 September. The MOU agreement signing was led by Tourism, Civil Aviation Minister Mr. Jitendra Narayan Dev and Er. Yogendra Bahadur Khad Major General of Army for Nepal.

Nijgadh airport which is considered one of the crucial projects for the country will now have peripheral roads developed around its vicinity. Nepal army has agreed to complete their assigned task by two years of duration according to the MoU agreement.

The airport, which is crucial, is slated to handle flights more effectively than the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) and is even being stated to be the first airport from Nepal to crusade the list of elite airports in Southeast Asia if completed.

Nepal Army now has been authorized for conducting the road construction according to MOU agreement. Soon after approval from the Ministry of Forestry and Soil Conservation Nepal Army will start drilling the road and CAAN too has been waiting for the official confirmation.

After that, the work will be progressed and the required trees will be cut down and some inhabited lands will be acquired. Later on, roads will be constructed by the Nepal Army professional enough with experience and skill for the road construction jobs.

The airport is slated to be completed within five years for its primary phase. Moreover, 21billions of Nepalese currency is required for completely constructing the first phase of the proposed international airport whereas, timber chopped from the proposed site if sold can aid the projected airport with more than sixty billion of Nepalese currency, supporting the airport with the half of the targeted investment.

The desired Nijgadh International Airport just lies at a distance of 72 km away from the capital city Kathmandu via projected fast track highway and only 45 km of drive away from Birgunj the gateway of Nepal.

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