Tourism entrepreneurs propose Patna-Pokhara direct flight

The proposal for the operation of direct flight from Patna to Pokhrara has been lodged by the tourism entrepreneurs of Pokhara and Patna. Tourism entrepreneurs of Pokhara have invited the tourists from Patna and its nearby region to visit Pokhara to escape summer’s heat.

The committee formed with the objective to promote Pokhara’s tourism by Western Hotel Association and Nepal Tourism Board had reached Patna Thursday with a slogan “Let’s Go to Pokhara”. The committee member affirmed that Pokhara will be the suitable destination for Indian tourists to escape from hot summer. They have publicized a description of the cost which may be Indian rupees 3000 to 13000.

Though suitable time to visit Pokhara lies in between September and February, but for the Indian tourists Monsoon season will also be convenient to visit, said Nepal Tourism Board Pokhara Chief, Surya Thapaliya.

Western Hotel Association Chief, Bikal Tulachan affirmed that Bihari culture matches to some extent with Nepal. Similarly, Tourism Association Bihar chief Sanjay Sharma commenced that Nepal could be better destination for Indian tourists if it will make a provision of paying tax at only one region and visit through bus convenient. He added the direct flight from Patna to Pokhara will enhance tourism with the rise in tourism number.

Pointing the sevice charge to be costly at Pokhara, he suggested Pokhara Hotel Association to deduct the service charges to some level. If not Indian tourist could be directed towards Thailand instead of Nepal, Sharma added.

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi visit to Muktinath have increased the Bihar’s interest and will like to visit Nepal it, said Patna Tourism Businessman Gaurav Kumar. He believes that there will be increment of tourists up to 15 percent after the inauguration of Patna-Pokhara direct flight.

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