Transport Tips to Help You Save Cash When Going From A to B

Our lives are made up of thousands of journeys – some miniature ones like going to the fridge in the middle of the night for a snack, and some major ones like flying overseas for a vacation. And while locomotion by the legs may cost you nothing, most other forms of transport require you to pay your way. So, there’s money to be saved by traveling right – whether that’s in a car, a plane, or on your local public transport network. Here’s how you can reduce your transport costs.

Walk Where Possible

We’ll start with walking, seeing as it is free. You’re burning not fossil fuels but your own energy reserves when you walk to the store instead of driving there, so you’ll not only be saving cash on your drive, but you’ll be saving the planet with every short journey that you decide to walk. Of course, walking isn’t always possible, but it’s worth considering which journeys you’ve made in the last month that you could have made on your own two feet. Switching to pedestrian transportation can help you save cash on those shorter trips.


If you’re someone who’s seeking to get a little more active, cycling is the perfect transportation method to get in shape. You’ll have to invest in a bicycle, which can cost between $100 and well over $1,000, depending on your needs. If you want to shoot into the city for work every day, a smart and slimline road bike will get you there faster. But if you’re happy to pedal along at a leisurely pace, a slower bike with baskets and racks might suit you better, seeing as these can be used to carry groceries from the store.


The majority of Americans own their own vehicle and use it for commutes, to pile the kids in the back to get them to school, or to transport heavy and ungainly goods from place to place. Cars can feel essential for many journeys, but there are ways you can reduce the running costs of your vehicle. For example, Las Vegas drivers can find auto insurance in Las Vegas that suits their motoring record, with cheaper premiums offered to those drivers with a safe and legal record on the roads. Reduce fuel consumption by driving slower and smoother. And get oil into your car at regular intervals so that your vehicle doesn’t suffer a costly engine problem down the line.

Public Transport

There are some cities in which public transport is an absolute life-saver. New York, for instance, relies heavily on its public transport, which gets millions of people across the city and to their place of work every day. Yet other cities are poorly served by public transport, driving people towards motor cars as the best option for them. But you can still engage with public transport, so long as you’re aware of the timings of buses, trains, and the metro. Getting a season pass, which pays for several journeys across a week, a month, or a year will help you save cash over the long-term as you take public transport around your area.


Flights have been fluctuating in price during the pandemic, with airlines struggling to institute the right pricing structure to recover their losses and to get people back on their planes. But prices are returning to the low level they were at before the pandemic – though you may have to search a little harder to find the very best deals on offer. These tend to be found on flight comparison websites, which might see you make a stop in a transit airport before eventually arriving at your destination. Travel on the cheap by packing only a small bag that won’t need to go in the hold – which usually costs more.


The rise of ride-sharing sites and digital taxi firms has meant that taxis are once more a viable option for the majority of the population. Taken infrequently, these are fantastic options to get you quickly from place to place, with ride-hailing apps delivering a driver to your door within minutes. But you should ensure that you’re not tipping over the balance to unsustainable spending on taxis – check your monthly outgoings to make sure you’re not spending too much on this form of transportation. If in doubt, try to cut back on journeys, finding public transport options or walking when you have the time to do so.

Transport is a huge part of life – something we pay for throughout our adult existence. So, it pays to know where you can save money, as this article has demonstrated.

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