Travel Kenya and Invest: Top Cities For Property Investment In Kenya

Who would not like to own property for investment or family use? The thought itself makes one visualize how life will be better. Even those with minimum wage jobs in Kenya are working extra hard to see if, eventually, they can manage to buy land or a house. As many people work towards owning property, Kenya’s real estate is becoming a gold mine due to the increased demand for land. 

Nonetheless, before you step into the real estate market looking for a house or land, take your time and research the subject. Understand the market comprehensively and prepare yourself with some hacks on how you can get the best deals available. You can also view various real estate websites like Hauzisha and see the available listed houses for sale and rental. This will help you find more information on places with homes that meet your needs and budget. So, through your research, which are the best places in Kenya to invest? Here is a list of some of the places that have good deals;

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According to United Nations, Nakuru is the fastest developing town in East and Central Africa and recently became a city. The price of land and houses has increased since the demand has also doubled. Besides, many people are moving to Nakuru in search of quality life and employment opportunities.

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In addition, as per Nakuru County Land Prices Report, the land value has risen because of the rich agricultural wealth. Also, the city has had significant developments in infrastructure, where Lanet Airstrip was upgraded to an International Airport, and Nairobi-Nakuru Highway was expanded. So, if you want massive investment deals with good returns on commercial or residential properties for sale or rental, check out Nakuru County. 

The city has several major tourist attractions sites like Hell’s Gate, Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Naivasha, and Menengai Crater, to mention a few. These sites add more value to the place. There is also the presence of numerous universities, colleges, and International Schools, which creates more demand for residential properties in Nakuru. 


Welcome to the home of champions. Since the land cost was raised in Nairobi, real estate investors are reaching out to other places, and Eldoret is on their list. Besides, the place has increased in business activities like learning and financial institutions. But why invest in Eldoret? 

Eldoret houses various significant institutions in the area, such as Moi Referral Hospital, KCC processing plant, Ken Knit, Moi University, and several banks, to name a few. Due to the presence of these businesses, employees and learners need housing; thus, there is demand for rental properties.


It is located in Laikipia County and inhabits the foot line of Mt. Kenya. Nanyuki is also known as white settlers’ town as long as we have known it. Whites dictate the lifestyle in the area. Its significant features have been ranches, pastureland, and conservancies, which have been converted into tourist attractions. Until recently, real estate investors invaded and are determined to change the face of the place. 

So, what would have contributed to real estate developers’ invasion? Do you remember vision 2030 about the government project Lamu port/South Sudan/Ethiopia Transport corridor (LAPSSET)? It will pass through Isiolo, a few kilometers from Nanyuki. As a result, the town will expand, causing the value of soil, homes, and buildings significantly appreciate.

  It has natural attractions like Mt. Kenya and Aberdare Hills. It also has several conservancies, and Ol Pejeta is the major one. In Nanyuki, you can find wildlife species like Zebra, lions, elephants, and giraffes, to mention a few.

Furthermore, Nanyuki has fine weather, which suits many populaces, and due to its improved infrastructure, many developers are attracted to the area, hence huge projects.


Matuu is situated in Machakos County and halfway between Nairobi-Kitui routes to Garissa. The place has faced drastic growth in real estate in the last few years. This development has made Matuu one of the most significant urban centers in Machakos.

It is now the main transit center to Thika, Nairobi, and a section of Eastern and Central Kenya. Making it an ideal place for investment; therefore, if you are searching for land to develop, Matuu is the solution.


Its metro area has a population of about 1,389,000 people; it is a major port city in East Africa. Mombasa is characterized by beautiful beaches, historical sites, and a warm climate all year round. These factors make it a popular tourist destination, increasing demand for accommodation.  

Mombasa is an excellent place to buy property for investment as the city experiences a high demand for housing. This is attributed to the influx of people who come to the city to either work or study. The increased demand has resulted in an appreciation of property prices.

Investing in the real estate industry is a big deal and a great plan. Therefore, numerous places have great opportunities to invest in Kenya, and you can never go wrong with the right strategies.

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