Trees at Nijgadh International Airport site to support the project

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Photo: Proposed Nijgadh International Airport

Trees at Nijgadh International Airport site to support the project

March 3, 2017- Nijgadh

Trees to be lopped from the projected site of the Nijgadh airport can aid fund for the construction of the mega-airport.

According to the study made by the Landmark Worldwide Company of South Korea in 2012 states that the sales of timber that needs to chop from the jungle of projected International airport site of Nijgadh can assist half of the required fund for constructing the targeted first phase of the airport.

The study states that the projected site of the International airport in Nijgadh covers moreover six hundred thousands of trees and the airport will be the biggest in South Asia in terms of the space covered.

The source stated that hundred and twenty-one billion of Nepalese currency needs to be invested for completely constructing the first phase of the proposed international airport whereas, timber chopped from the proposed site if sold can aid the projected airport with more than sixty billion of Nepalese currency, supporting the airport with the half of the targeted investment.

The desired Nijgadh International Airport just lies at a distance of hundred seventy-five kilometer away from the capital city Kathmandu and only about one and half hour of drive away from the gateway of Nepal, Birgunj.

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