Tribhuvan International Airport a Paradise for Gold Smugglers?

Nepal Police have arrested a person with 1 kg yellow substance like gold at countries sole International Airport; Tribhuvan International Airport Wednesday.

The detainee is identified as Cheichun Chang a Taiwanese Citizen and was arrested during the security check by the custom department at airport.

Police said that the person had arrived Kathmandu from Cathay Dragon Flight on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, the case has been referred to the TIA Customs Office for further investigation.

Carrying huge amount of gold is not permitted through the air transport and is considered illegal. Normal passengers cannot take gold except for their personal use.

But the major concern is about the clearance of such big amount of gold from the customs department at the airport. Previously too such incidents of gold capture had occurred and a big question arises for the airport authority to find out who were lethal on the crimes happening at the airport.

Most of the Nepali gold market has been relied on illegal channels. Smugglers use both land and air routes. While major smuggling air routes to Kathmandu are from Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, land routes are from China to India.

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