Tribhuvan International Airport desperately seeking improvement


Tribhuvan International Airport desperately seeking improvement


April 17, 2017

The country’s only international airport is enlisted in the category of worst airports in the world and is criticized of poor security systems, unmanaged terminal facilities, hefty departure and arrival processes, lack of proper manpower, slow internet operations, corrupt services and many more. Moreover, the infrastructures of the international airport is also weak.

This photo of Tribhuvan International Airport’s shameful situation is going viral these days. The display of the text of ‘TRIBHUVAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT’ at the building of operational department is incomplete. The light displaying the name of airport at night time is faulty. Currently, we can observe only ‘RIBHUVAN INTE NATIONAL AIRPORT’. People on social sites are posting the photo with the description ‘new airport in the country’. This is a very shameful situation and there is no any concern towards it.

This type of low profile from airport management committee has been proving the airport to be the worst ever. TIA’s spokesperson Prem Nath Thakur committed to repair the faulty display of the airport name upon our request.

There are lots of changes to be made for maintaining the quality of the airport however; the keen concern is lacking from the respective authorities.


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