Tribhuvan International Airport preparing for round the clock operation


The recently appointed Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA), Rabindra Adhikari on March 25 acknowledged that the sole international airport of the country, Tribhuvan International Airport is likely to be serviceable for 24 hours a day.

At an interaction program held at Kathmandu, Minister Adhikari stated that all the necessary technical capacity would be upgraded at the airport in order to run for 24 hours especially to address the air traffic congestion at Kathmandu airspace.

Minsiter Adhikari also stated that, “If Mumbai airport, despite having only single runway, can provide serviceable for 24 hours, then there is no reason for TIA to not do the same. We can operate TIA analogues to Mumbai Airport round the clock but we need to put in enough effort,” stated Minister Adhikari.

He also claimed that Kathmandu Airport would remain serviceable for 18 hours under his tenure. “I will ensure that Kathmandu remains open for 18 hours and eventually upgrade that to 24 hours. With TIA functioning round the clock and Kathmandu remaining open for 18 to 24 hours, tourism business definitely will find a footing and then foster,” added Minister Adhikari.

In order to make the airport serviceable round the clock the Minister firstly needs to make able all the skilled Manpower for Air Traffic Control Tower, Airport custom, Airport Immigration and others, stated airport officials.

He further claimed that the Gautam Buddha International Airport will be ready for operation by 2019. “Consensus has been forged between all stakeholders involved in the construction of the airport and work has been expedited. I am confident that it will be ready by 2019 and it will be helpful for reducing the current issue of air traffic jam,” claimed Minister Adhikari.

On the same occasion, Minister Adhikari also stated that he is formulating detailed plans in order to operate domestic flights from the airports like Pokhara, Bhairahawa and Nepalgunj.


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