Tribhuvan International Airport Under Air Traffic Jam

Six days ago, Turkish Airline Airbus 330-303 skidded off from the runway while landing and crashed that unfortunately blocked the runway due to which all the international and domestic flights were affected for almost four days. More than 50,000 passengers were stuck in Nepal and were offended too.


From two days, the sky of Nepal is in immense air traffic. Several flights to Nepal have been diverted as aircrafts were kept at hold in the sky for more than one hour and fuel was running out too. Usually, about 70 takeoffs and landings are carried out by Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). But these days, many airliners are conducting daily and extra flights to Nepal to carry the more number of passengers. With the increase in number of flights, air traffic density has also increased. According to officials of TIA and Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), Airport has been opening for 24 hours to minimize the number of stuck passengers.


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