Turkish Airlines fined for breaching SOP in Pakistan

When carrying travelers, Pakistan fined Turkish Airlines for breaching COVID-19 SOPs. The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan (CAA) fined 100,000 Pakistani Rupees in breach of SOPs for COVID-19. On October 16, for breaching the SOPs, Qatar Airways was fined 100,000 PKR.

On Thursday, the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan (CAAP) ordered the Turkish flag carrier to send in less than a week an enforcement study. Pakistan has informed all carrier operating to and from the nation to maintain absolute compliance with government guidelines specifying that passengers from Category B countries are expected supply evidence of a negative RT-PCR test carried out not upwards of 96 hours before the start of the flight, in the absence of a boarding pass provided by the airline.

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The advancement on Thursday emerged after Turkish Airlines carried a traveler from Category-B nation Mali to Istanbul on October 15 after a return destination to Lahore lacking evidence of a negative RT-PCR test following a notice given by the CAA on October 13 to prevent from transporting such travelers, the CAA said during a notice.

Since October 15, without any CAA acknowledgment, the Pakistani passenger has been stuck at Istanbul airport, it said. This is the second instance of breach of SOPs by a foreign carrier when transporting travelers to Pakistan.

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