Turkish Airlines Latest A330 Damaged After Just 3 Days

Turkish Airlines have only been operating this Airbus A330-300, TC-LOL for about 3 days. The aircraft was delivered new to Singapore Airlines as 9V-STJ on 10/03/2010. In 2016 it was registered TF-GAY and flew with WOW air.

Flight TK-627, on New Years Eve, it was arriving at Port Harcourt in Nigeria and suffered a number of damaged tyres. Sources claim the captain landed the aircraft next to the runway due to confusion of runway lights (edge lights confused for center-line lights).

Local media claim citing Nigeria’s Civil Aviation Authority NCAA that the aircraft sustained substantial damage. Nigeria’s NCAA confirmed the occurrence rated a serious incident, Nigeria’s Accident Investigation Board is going to investigate.

Airbus A330 – MSN 1098 – TC-LOL
Type 330-343X
First flight date 19/02/2010
Plane age 9.9 years

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