Turkish airlines makes an emergency landing at Sudan following bomb threat

Turkish Airlines flight 606 from Nairobi to Cairo made an emergency landing in Khartoum on Thursday (Nov30). The pilot made an emergency landing in Khartoum after a passenger reported a bomb threat.

“Turkish Airlines flight 606 made an emergency landing after a passenger on board said he received an email saying there was a bomb on board,” civil aviation authority spokesman Abdelhafiz Abdelrahim said.

The plane was in Sudanese airspace when the pilot informed Khartoum that he needed to make an emergency landing. The plane landed around 7:30 am (0530 GMT).

The authorities at the Khartoum International Airport allowed the emergency landing and instantly evacuated the plane and experts did a thorough search but found no suspected explosive device on the plane. The Boeing 738 aircraft was carrying 107 passengers of different nationalities and have been evacuated safely.

According to one source said on condition of anonymity that the passenger who reported the email was a Briton. The British passenger who received the email and informed the crew is now under the investigation.

The Sudanese official reported that neither the Khartoum airport nor the Sudanese airspace had been clogged because of the incident.

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