Turkish Airlines parks 30 planes as demand decreases in the middle of financial retard, safety concerns

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Turkish Airlines parks 30 planes as demand decreases in the middle of financial retard, safety concerns

November 28, 2016- Turkey

Turkey’s flagship carrier Turkish Airlines (THY) has rested the total of 30 planes in its fleet into parking positions due to a declining number of passengers in the midst of economic decrement and recent terror attacks.

Some 12 rented Airbus A330-200 model planes were taken to the southern resort province of Antalya and rested in front of the second international terminal.

Another four Airbus A320 planes, meanwhile, were parked outside the general aviation hangars at Ankara’s Esenboğa Airport.

The carrier which currently has 298 passenger planes in its fleet will have thirty withdrawn planes in the upcoming days.

In the aviation business, planes are parked for a charge called Aircraft Utilization, which is considered by dividing the aircraft block hours by the number of aircraft days assigned to service on air carrier routes. For that reason, the outmoded planes are parked in airports with no parking spot issues throughout the emergency period. During this period, the aircraft are focus to episodic maintenance and other unsettled processes, such as cabin modification.

In addition, Turkish Airlines also disregarded flights to a total of 22 destinations, 17 of which were global, due to declining stipulation.

Amongst the canceled international destinations were Batna and Tlemcen in Algeria, Alborg in Denmark, Bordeaux in France, Karlsruhe-Baden, Freidrichshafen and Münster in Germany, Kermanshah in Iran, Genoa and Pisa in Italy, Aqaba in Jordan, Osh in Kyrgyzstan, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Kano in Nigeria, al-Qassim in Saudi Arabia, Khujand in Tajikistan and Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukranie.

The carrier also canceled domestic flights to Eskişehir, Tokat, Edremit, Uşak and Siirt, in a shift to inferior expenses in the winter spell, which began on Oct. 30.

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