Turkish Airlines plane evacuated after Bomb Hoax

A Turkish Airlines flight which had begun to taxi on the tarmac was forced to make an emergency stop and was evacuated at Cologne Bonn Airport in Germany after a bomb hoax.

A Police spokesperson, Mr. Deutsche Welle stated that “the telephone call was received and it was clear the caller was targeting a Turkish Airlines flight.

The flight was originally scheduled to depart the airport in northwest Germany at 10 a.m. (0800 UTC) on Thursday, but a phoned-in threat from an unknown caller forced airport officials to issue an emergency stop to the flight that had already rolled onto the takeoff tarmac. The flight was carrying 111 passengers on board and all were evacuated from the Istanbul bound flight.

Police Officials,  reported that explosive experts also closely examined one piece of hand luggage that a dog had signaled could contain explosive material. However, no suspicious material was found.

The Federal Police said no other flights had been disrupted during the operation.

In June 2017, the region’s police detained three British nationals after the men were reportedly overheard having a terrorism-related discussion on an EasyJet flight bound for London. The pilot made an emergency landing at the Cologne/Bonn airport. No suspicious material was found.


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