Turkish Airlines rescheduled its regular flights

Turkish Airlines rescheduled its regular flights

May 4, 2016 – Turkish Airlines which is joining the skies of Nepal and Europe directly has rescheduled its regular flights for the morning. The main objective of this airline which has been making 4 flights a week to Europe from Nepal is to make the travelers land Europe or America in just a single day.

As per the reschedule, Turkish Airline flight landed 6:15 AM at Tribhuvan International Airport, in the morning today. This is the first international flight landing in Tribhuvan International Airport. This schedule will help Turkish Airlines to sustain the competition in the air service sector. With this its passengers now can land the states of Europe or America the same day of departure through the same airlines flights with a reduced time of transit. This service is specially focused on the Asian travelers.

The Airline has made changes in its schedule of departure from India and Nepal accordingly, according to which the flight of Turkish departs from Delhi will takeoff at morning 5:30 AM and flight departing from Kathmandu will takeoff at morning 7:45 AM for Istanbul, Turkey. The flight will land Istanbul after a flying duration of 7 to 8 hours and from the other flight of similar duration will reach 7 different destinations of Europe and America. This will really ease the travelers travelling from Nepal to Europe or America. However for the travelers travelling from Europe or America to Nepal will need to hold on the skies during the arrival because of the opening time of airport being later than the estimated arrival time of the flight.

The crash of Turkish Airlines Airbus 330 on Tribhuvan Airport before 14 months is the result of same. The fatigued pilot held a lot of patterns in the sky over the airport before getting the final clearance for landing, as a result the plane touched down away from the center line of the runway making the airlines lose its 26 Billion rupees aircraft. After this incident the morning flights of Turkish were rescheduled for later at day.

Turkish representative in Kathmandu said, “We have started flying in the morning from Monday since we have completed the winter season flight schedule of day.” The winter flights were rescheduled for day because of problem in the weather from October 30 to March 28 resulted by fog making difficulty in landing of aircraft according to him. No progress in weather this year until April made them postpone their rescheduling of flight for day one year later than the actual time.

Turkish is one among the half of a dozen of international airlines flying wide body aircraft in Nepal. This airline flies an Airbus 330 series aircraft with a capacity of travelling 289 passengers. 26 different international airlines join the sky of Nepal with the international skies including Nepal Airlines.

Turkish was number 12 in the list of bringing the highest number of passengers in Nepal the last year. This airline flew a total of 101 thousand 1 hundred and thirty passengers from its 544 number of flights in year 2015. The passengers are mostly the foreigners travelling through Turkish Airlines.

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