Twenty companies interested for putting Nepal satellite into orbit

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Twenty companies interested for putting Nepal satellite into orbit

About twenty international companies have put in the proposal for putting the Nepalese satellite into the orbit. Among the bidders, three American and three Chinese companies have expressed interest respectively.

Likewise, two Indian, two from Thailand, and two from Singapore have also presented the proposal. Additionally, one-one companies from Canada, France, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Luxemborg and Isereal have bidded totaling the number of companies to apply to twenty.

Two orbital slots specifically 50 degree east and 123.3 degree east have been allotted to Nepal by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on a planned basis since 1984.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) had given notice for expressions of interest (EOI) from proficient international firms to commence the launching and operating of satellite in the orbital slots allocated to Nepal by ITU on 6th of October, 2016.

The foremost objectives of the assignment are to comprehend the international and domestic legal and regulatory framework (including ground segment) and associate modality in association with the launching of satellite, launching a dedicated satellite and also for affiliating with a satellite operator for usage of Nepal’s orbital rights, operation and maintenance of the satellite launched within the agreed commercial terms and conditions.

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