Two crore rupees allocated for the construction of airport

Photo: Land acquired by CAAN for the airport

Two crore rupees allocated for the construction of airport

November 30, 2016- Dharan

Source: Kantipur Daily

Dharan airport which was slated to be established in Dadaghopa in Dharan but the prior works couldn’t be done due to the budget allocation problem to the airport but now the cost for the establishment of the airport has been specified which is around two crore rupees according to the parliament member Mr. Min B.K. The locals of Dharan are in vigor after hearing the news. The budget has been allocated for the environmental impact analysis.

The decision to allocate the budget was done by Tourism Minister Mr. Jeevan Bahadur Shahi. The process to acquire the land for the establishment of the airport has been forwarded and the insufficient amount of land will be provided by the Dharan sub-metropolitan. There had been a constant debate on the establishment of an airport in Dharan and locals along with the townsmen had been constantly pressurizing the government.

The change in political scenarios, government’s exclusion from the plans and the unstable government had stopped the work of the airport on the local level which never favored the airport construction. Now that the budget has been allocated, the construction is likely to happen. Previously, the Yeti Incorporate Pvt. Ltd., Dharan Sub-Metropolitan and Civil Aviation Authority Nepal (CAAN) had conducted surveys, design and other analyses for the founding of airport.

According to the survey, sixty percent of the travelers from Biratnagar Airport travel via Dharan to Dhankuta, Terathum and Dharan itself and conduction of small aircraft would privilege the passengers.

The land required for the airport was 15 bighas while 7 bighas of the land would be provided by the sub-metropolitan itself and the remaining would be provided by the Yeti Incorporate which acquired 6 bighas of land 15 years ago from eighty land owners.

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