Two Let 410 NG aircraft to join Goma Air fleet in February
Photo: Goma Air Let 410 at Yelahanka

Two Let 410 NG aircraft to join Goma Air fleet in February

January 27, 2017– Kathmandu

Goma Air, one of the progressive, reliable and well established airline company serving the mid-western remote areas of the country like Surkhet, Nepalgunj, etc. is soon going to add a new Czech Republic made LET-410 series aircraft on its fleet.

Goma Air is the solo airline company whose hub is Nepalgunj. Currently, Goma Air has two Cessna Grand Caravan registered as 9N-AJT and 9N-AJU as well as two LET410 UVP-E20 registered as 9N-AKY and 9N-AKZ on its fleet.

This will be the third brand new aircraft to join the multi-engine fleet of Goma Air which is gaining a big leap in aviation service market share of Nepal aviation industry after the addition of previous two new LET 410 series of aircraft registered ‘9N-AKY’ and ‘9N-AKZ’ on 2015.

As per the officials of Goma Air, the paperwork of getting registration number has already been done it can be expected that there won’t be any delays for the aircraft to arrive Nepal and will also commence very first flight of this debuting company in Nepali aviation industry. The new registration for the new LET-410 aircraft is ‘9N-AMG’ and ‘9N-AMH’ and will arrive on February 2017.

The Let L-410 Turbo-let is a twin-engine short-range transport aircraft which can fly and land at 14,000 feet above sea level is designed for the operation in himalayan countries like Nepal where airports have usually Short Takeoffs and Landings (STOL) runways and the aircraft is manufactured in Europe by the Czech aircraft manufacturer LET, mostly used for 18 passengers on board. Currently, the airlines operates various STOL destinations of West Nepal like Jumla, Simikot, Dolpa, Lukla, Bajura, Rukumkot, Bajhanga and Tanana from its Surkhet and Nepalgung hubs.




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