Two more domestic airports to be equipped for operating at night

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is planning to start domestic night flights to two different airports (Dhangadhi and Chandragadhi Airport) from the fiscal year 074/75. The authority has prepared its budget to provide necessary technical infrastructures and promote the night flight to those airports.

At present, only TIA, Nepalgunj, Bhairahawa, Simara and Biratnagar operate flight at night which has capacity to land ATR-72 model planes except in Simara. After the commencement of flight in these two areas, CAAN plans to launch night flights in other big airports in Terai region. This will help to demise the hectic traffic TIA has to face as it operates both national and international flights in narrow structure which has been problem for slot management that causes planes to hold in air for certain time.

CAAN also plans to operate big aircraft like ATR-72 or its corresponding planes in every airport at Terai region. Besides, the authority will enhance the essential physical infrastructure of Chandragadhi, Biratnagar, Janakpur, Nepalgunj and Dhangadhi airport with required land acquisitions which will be done according to the criteria of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

This plan of introducing night operation at Dhangadhi and Chandragadhi Airport comes under the budget for fiscal year 2074/75. CAAN lately finalized budget for the fiscal year 2074/75 on 8th Mangsir this year which will aid the continuation of ongoing and new airport and aviation projects around the country. The total budget approved for the new fiscal year is Rs36.18 billion whereas it was Rs30.82 billion for the last year.

The main income of the authorization is debt-sharing and grant. Nepal government provides this amount as a loan and grant to the authorities. Except these, other incomes from airports, tax from flight passengers etc. are also the income source of CAAN.

However, the capital expenditure of income will be Rs. 32.65billion and the operating expenditure will be Rs. 3.53 billion. In addition, it is mentioned in budget and programs that interest payments, employees’ bonuses, value enhancement tax, dividend, income tax title will be calculated as spending on payment.

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