Two New Conveyor Belts in TIA: Baggage within 45 Minutes

Two New Conveyor Belts in TIA: Baggage within 45 Minutes

To overcome the issues in Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu regarding the delay in collection time of baggage of the passengers travelling out of airport, the airport authority added two new conveyor belts to work together with the old two belts this Friday, claiming the collection process of luggage would now be faster. The delay every passenger had to suffer during the collection of their baggage is not only harming the passengers but, also presenting the bad image of the airport in the international world.

The addiction of these two new belts will facilitate all the travelers as well as help to prevent the spreading of bad image of the airport claims the airport authority. The functional two old belts with very less capacity made the impression of the only international airport of Nepal down since long where passenger needed to wait until 4 hours to collect their baggage. It can be expected that the addition of new belts will now end this need of long wait for the passengers.

The new conveyor belts came into operation from 6 AM this Friday according to Director of the Airport, Devananda Upadhyaya. The start of the service was inaugurated by the Tourism Minister Aananda Pokhrel.

However these belts were supposed to come in service before the mega earthquake of April 2015. Because of the earthquake and unannounced blockade imposed by India the belts could not be assembled on time. The conveyor belts were stuck at Kolkata, India during all the long blockade time. Only after the blockade was terminated the belts arrived in Nepal and began getting assembled by the authorized Spanish company assigned for this project. It has been illustrated that the total cost of installation of these two belts was around 40 Million Nepali Rupees.

The international aviation rules tell that the luggage should be available within 45 to 50 minutes of the arrival of the passengers in any international airport. The airport authority now claims the baggage to be in hands of passengers within 45 minutes of their arrival.

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