UK: Transit passengers can fly through Dubai and Doha

Travelers will be able to connect through key travel hubs in the Middle East that are now on the UK’s “red list,” according to a notice published by the UK government. Dubai, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Bahrain are among them. It is decided to help the country’s economy and make it easier for the people of Britain to travel to and from other long-haul destinations.

Passengers from nations on the “red list” are only allowed to travel if they are citizens or legal residents of the United Kingdom or Ireland. Furthermore, they will be isolated for ten days in a government-run hotel quarantine at the self cost of £1,750 per adult. Additionally, several PCR tests will be performed throughout the stay.

Dubai International Airport

Fully vaccinated British citizens are only allowed

Only fully vaccinated British citizens would be permitted to travel through these hubs, and the exception would only apply to passengers who stayed on the ground during their transit. Other travelers from these countries are likely to face a general ban for the foreseeable future.

It comes as ministers start to band together to protest the government’s travel restrictions. Despite high vaccination rates in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Richard Jewsbury, a divisional vice president for Emirates Airline, remarked last week that he was “frustrated” that the United Arab Emirates remained on the “Red List.”

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, is said to have written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to express his displeasure with the border policy’s impact on the tourism industry and the wider economy.  They made Comparisons to different countries around the world, including European Union member states, as with the support of the European Digital Travel Certificate, foreign travel has resumed.

Photo from Heathrow Airport
Photo from Heathrow Airport

Holidaymakers hoping to return to the land of limitless brunch will be dismayed to learn that Dubai and Qatar will stay on the red list when the UK does its next traffic light review. Thousands of passengers travel daily between the United Kingdom and Dubai, as well as Doha.

In January, the UAE was placed on the UK’s “Red List” due to worries about the Beta version, with all flights initially barred. Travel restrictions were finally loosened to allow direct flights from Red List nations. Still, all arrivals are routed to a separate Heathrow Airport terminal, where travelers are taken to quarantine accommodations.

The vaccination program in the United Arab Emirates, on the other hand, is mainly reliant on the Chinese Sinopharm jab. The United Kingdom now considers this vaccination to be second-rate and has refused to grant quarantine-free travel to anyone who has received it. To address effectiveness issues, health officials in the UAE and Bahrain have begun delivering people booster doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Photo from Heathrow Airport

According to the PC Agency, travel consultants’ CEO, Paul Charles, Only five countries on the red list are expected to transfer to the amber list at the end of next week’s traffic light review. He predicts that Kenya, Bahrain, India, and Pakistan will be moved from the red to the amber list.

As the government decided, People who have been properly vaccinated will be allowed to enter the UK from the United States and the European Union without being subjected to quarantine from next week. However, several experts have warned that the program poses a significant risk to public health, even though it is expected to improve the UK’s worldwide connectedness.

When it comes to international passenger flow, Dubai International Airport is the busiest in the world. There are concerns that opening up to the world’s busiest international transportation hub will introduce new and unknown variants, and Doha faces the same risk.

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