The 1st 737 MAX10 in livery has rolled out of the final assembly

United Airlines’ first Boeing 737 MAX 10 registration N27753 was spotted today in Renton, Washington. MAX 10 with MSN 66118 is nearing the completion of the final assembly in preparation for a test flight. United Airlines will get the aircraft shortly.

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United Airlines Boeing 737 Max 10 Photo by: Woodys Aeroimages

United Airlines Boeing 737 Max 10 

United Airlines signed a contract with Boeing to switch its existing 737 MAX 9 order to the MAX 10, establishing United as the world’s single biggest MAX 10 operator; 100 MAX will be delivered over the next several years. United scheduled initially to get the first MAX 10s in 2020, due to a pandemic, the delivery date has been pushed back to a few years.

The current fleet of united Airways

United Airways is a major Boeing 737 operator, with 325 aircraft in its fleet.

  • Boeing 737-700: United Airways now operates 40 aircraft in its livery.
  • Boeing 737-700: 137 aircraft are presently in service, with an additional four on order.
  • Boeing 737-800: 148 aircraft are presently in service, with another 0 on order.
  • Boeing 737 MAX 9: 0 aircraft are presently in service, while 61 are on order.
  • Boeing 737 MAX 9: 0 aircraft are presently in service, with 100 more on order.

First flight of MAX 10

MAX 10 conducted its maiden flight on June 18, 2021, when it arrived at Boeing Field in Seattle. The 2.5-hour journey through Washington state formally off the certification procedure for the aircraft expected to commence civil service in 2023.

737-10 first flight; Photo Boeing

The Max 10 is the biggest and fourth member of the Boeing 737 Max series, seating 204 passengers in a standard configuration. This was designed to contend with Airbus A321neo. As with previous Max models, it has a revamped and more spacious passenger cabin, calmer and relatively clean engines, and improved fuel consumption.

The Max 10 officially stepped out of Boeing’s Renton, Washington, plant in November 2019, eight months following all Max aircraft remained grounded globally after two fatal accidents. Though the aircraft is equipped with the MCAS flight control system, which was cited for the disasters, the Federal Aviation Administration required that almost all Max 10s undergo the modifications needed to remove the restraining order in November.

Largest operators for MAX 10

Boeing 737 MAX: Photo from Virgin Atlantic

Boeing has received approximately 500 Max 10 orders from operators like United Airlines, Virgin Australia and Copa Airlines.

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