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Originally United Airlines, Inc was founded as a consolidation of various airlines during the late 1920s. The oldest among this group of airlines was Varney Airlines, which was established on 6 April 1926, nearly 94 years ago by Walter Varney in Boise, Idaho. The history of United Airlines, Inc can be traced back to the formation of the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation (UACT). This firm was established after the Boeing Air Transport owner, William Boeing, merged his business with Pratt and Whitney, an aerospace manufacturer. In the short span of just 28 months, the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation (UACT) acquired many airlines and manufacturing companies. These included Stout Air Services, National Air Transport, VAL, and Pacific Air Transport. Moreover, on 28 March 1931, United Airlines, Inc was finally officially established by the UACT as an investment firm for its airline division.

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Review of United Airlines services

In-flight services:


United Airlines aims to provide the best dining experience for its passengers; as such, United Airlines has entered a partnership with The Trotter Project, a non-profit corporation aimed towards mentoring and guiding the newer culinary generation. As the official airlines for the Trotter project, United Airlines have joined hands with the chefs affiliated with the program to provide their passengers with an exquisite and one of a kind dining experience.

International premium cabin dining:

Passengers traveling on long-distance international flights on the United Polaris business class can enjoy a five-course meal made from the fresh regional ingredients. The five-course meals include a chilled appetizer, fresh salads, a wide variety of entrée, a cheese course, and an assortment of desserts. United Airlines also provides unique regional means on long-haul flights traveling between the USA and Asia, India, and Israel. Passengers can also choose from an array of mid-flight snacks and enjoy an arrival dining service provided by United Airlines.

North America premium cabin dining:

Passengers traveling on the Mainline United flights or United Express flight premium cabin are provided with a different variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner depending on the flights. These include flights to North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. According to the flights, the signature or special meals of the United Airlines are also provided to the passengers.

Economy Class:

Economy Class of United Airlines is also packed with different choices of complimentary or purchasable snacks with multi-course meals. Complimentary drinks like juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee, and other assortments of non-alcoholic drinks are also provided in-flight. Premium desserts are also provided in-flight, including sorbet, gelato, Ice-cream, a regional specialty, or mousse. Passengers on Long-distance flights, over 12 hours, are also provided with complimentary midnight snacks. Moreover, purchasable snack boxes and packaged snacks are also available for the passengers. Alongside this, complimentary pre-arrival snacks or meals are also provided on selected flights before the flight’s landing.

Pre-order and Special meals:

Passengers can also pre-order from a selection of meals before the flight. It must be done anytime between the five days before the flight departure or before 24 hours of the flight. United Airlines also provides special meals for its passengers according to their religious beliefs and health issue. Passengers can request these special meals at the time of their flight booking or by putting on a special request to their existing reservations. MileagePlus members can request special meals available on the flights during the ticket booking process. However, if the booking is made via third-party sites, passengers must make a specific request on the original booking channel or notify the United Customer Contact Center. All of the requests must be made 24 hours before the time of departure.


United Airlines also provides a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options available on different flights. Non-Alcoholic beverages like soft-drinks, DASANI water, juices, coffee, and teas are available on most flights. However, Alcoholic beverages can vary according to different flights. These alcoholic beverages are free and complimentary in the premium cabins or Economy plus cabins of the premium transcontinental flights. Passengers can choose from a selection of available champagne and wines provided in-flight.

Seating options/Cabins:

United Airlines provides a variety of cabins and seats, depending on the passengers’ needs in various price ranges. They aim to provide the passengers with the utmost comfort on the long-haul flight and create a unique flight experience.

1.     United Polaris Business Class:

United Polaris Business Class was introduced as a renovated and redesigned version of the old international business class seats on 2 June 2016. It features a seat that can be transformed into a 6’6″ flatbed with a seat layout of 1-2-1 or 1-1-1 arrangements. It provides all seats with access to the aisle. It also features an assortment of storage areas, lumbar support, mood lighting, several charging ports, various other amenity services, and improved dining facilities. Other in-flight services such as complimentary pre-departure drinks, special multi-course meals designed with the partnership of the chefs of Trotter projects and Table linens. Passengers with the ticket to United Polaris Business Class are provided with other special services. It includes separate check-in counters and the use of primary security screening. Passengers are given access to the United Polaris Lounge services or the United Club as well as the lounge of partner airlines. These passengers are also given top priority on baggage handling and boarding.

2.     United Premium Plus:

The United Premium Plus seats offered by the United Airlines provides passengers with an upgrade to the Economy plus. These cabins provide passengers with spacious seating areas and different amenities, intending to provide comfort. These seats also feature free alcoholic drinks and dining services on china dish-wares. Different amenity kits, comfortable pillows, and a Saks Fifth Avenue blankets are also provided to the passengers.

United premium transcontinental service:

This class is available for passengers traveling on transcontinental flights between Newark and San Francisco or Los Angeles and between San Francisco and Boston. These premium cabins are filled with different services such as power outlets, in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi. It also features an international style of catering.

United First and United Business:

The United First cabin is available for passengers in all the domestic flights. However, this cabin was rebranded as United Business class for international flights for destinations such as Central America, Canada, and the Caribbean. This cabin features leather seats with a tablet stand, granite tables for cocktails, and a cradling headrest. Passengers who have booked these cabins are also provided with extra services. These services include a separate check-in, primary boarding and baggage services, complimentary pre-flight beverages and meals.

3.     Economy Plus:

The Economy Plus seats are available for passengers on all flights. These seats are located in the front and the back rows of the Economy class cabin. It features extra space and extra recline to the seats available in Economy class. This service is complimentary to all the members of the MileagePlus Premier. While Platinum, Premier 1K, and Gold members can pick Economy Plus seats during the booking process, silver tier members can only select the seats during the check-in process.

4.     Economy Class:

United Economy Class is available for passengers in all flights flown by United Airlines. It features a pitch of 30-32 inch seats with 2-5 inches of recline. Economy Class seats also feature some amenities such as in-flight entertainment, adjustable headrest, in-flight Wi-Fi, and a personal 7-inch television. Meals, beverages, and snacks complement the economy class, but extra snacks are also available for purchase in-flight. Alcoholic beverages are complimentary on long-distance flights but are only available for purchase on North American flights. Complimentary cocktail snacks and drinks are provided shortly after the takeoff on selected flights. However, pre-arrival meals are also available for passengers on long-distance flights.

5.     Basic Economy:

The Basic Economy Class is only available for passengers on selected flights. This service is considered as the lowest fare service of United Airlines. The amenities and in-flight services provided in the Basic Economic class are the same as those provided in the United Economic class but with few limitations. The Basic Economy limits passenger’s ability to upgrade or select seats, bring a full-size carry-on bag and family/group seating. Some benefits available for the Premier and MileagePlus members are also not available in this class. However, passengers can easily upgrade to regular economy class with a small additional fee.

In-Flight Entertainments:

United Airlines offers a variety of in-flight entertainment options. Each passenger’s seat is equipped with an entertainment system on the seatback, which has different contents and features. United Private Screening also allows passengers to choose from the latest Hollywood movies and music videos on the seatback monitor. DIRECTV is also available for passengers to free of charge, which has access to over 100 TV channels and movies. Passengers can also choose to stream their choice of entertainment directly into their devices. Complimentary earbuds are provided to every passenger to allow them to enjoy their entertainment in peace in selected flights.

Passengers can also check out the in-flight magazine of United airlines known as the Hemispheres. This magazine features a selection of the latest business news, travel trends, sports, in-depth articles, and other entertainment stories.

In-flight Wi-Fi services are also available for purchases for the passengers on selected flights.


United Airlines Customer Service

Coronavirus update:

Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, United Airlines have implemented multiple safety measures and procedures for the passengers’ safety. Face masks that fully cover the mouth and nose are required to board the flight. Passengers are also required to take a COVID-19 test and must go through a 14 days quarantine period. The test results are to be provided to the airlines with the passenger’s full information and contact address. Certain restrictions are put on places for different destinations around the world.

Web Support:

 United Airlines has its web service support team. Passengers can provide feedback or complaints/problems on the official website of United Airlines. E-mail services are also available for passengers and can be sent at the official e-mail address of United Airlines:

eservice@united.com. These problems can be related to flight reservations, rewards of Mileage Plus services, hotel, or car services.

MileagePlus services:

For any requests or questions regarding the MileagePlus, passengers can check in the MileagePlus Service Center page on the official website of United Airlines. Agents are available for customer support from 8:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. daily.

 Contact information regarding the MileagePlus services are available below:

– In Canada and the USA:

1-713-952-1630 (charges can apply)

1-800-780-0235 (toll-free number)

Note: Contact numbers can vary according to different cities in different countries. It can be checked in the Local United Customer Contact Center on the official United Airlines site.

Mail address:


 P.O. Box 1394

 Houston, TX 77251-1394


Refund policy:

Passengers can fill the “Refund form” present on the official website of the United Airlines. Specific policies and rules may apply in the process of refunding.

 If passengers are unable to fill out the request form or submit any additional documents via electronic means, they can do so by a postal mail service which is shown below:

United Airlines

United Refunds

 P.O. Box 4607, Dept. NHCRF

 Houston, TX 77253-3056

Fares or reservations:

United Airlines also offers advice and answers inquiries regarding the price of fares and reservations. Information regarding this is available on the Official website, ticket counters, and offices related to the city tickets. Passengers can also contact agents at the United Customer Contact Center. United Airlines’ customer service also aims to provide passengers with news regarding their flights and any changes in it.

Baggage inquiries:

For any queries regarding any loss, damage, or delays in baggage, Passengers can contact any one of the contact information given below:


 1-877-437-6758 (Toll-free for USA and Canada)


 Country access code  + 800-33-55-2247 (Toll-free for Europe and the Asia Pacific)


A career at United Airlines

As the third-largest airline globally in terms of fleet sizes and networks of routes, United Airlines serves more than 60 different countries with over 130 destinations. As such, United Airlines employs thousands of people both in the United States and across different continents. However, the requirements and job positions available can vary across different regions. Information regarding job employment can be found in the official site of the United Airlines.

The jobs available in the United Airlines are categorized into different parts according to the department:

  1. Finance
  2. In-flight- Administrative and Management / Flight Ops
  3. Food services
  4. Labour relations and Human resources
  5. Information Technology (I.T.)
  6. Legal department
  7. Corporate Support center
  8. Operations

United Airlines also provide their employees with benefits and incentive to motivate them, which are:

  1. Paid time off
  2. 401(k) retirement plans
  3. Employee discount rate
  4. Bonuses
  5. Medical Insurances
  6. Wellness programs
  7. Social clubs etc.


United Airlines Baggage fees:

United Airlines charges different rates and provides free baggage services according to the seats passengers have booked, destinations, and MileagePlus membership. Generally, baggage limitations are as follows:

BaggageFeeMaximum WeightMaximum Size (L+H+W)
First checked bag$3523 kg62”
Second checked bag$4523 kg62”
Third checked bag$15023 kg62”
Fourth(+) checked bag$20023 kg62”
Overweight bag+$10024 – 32 kg62”
Plus Overweight bag+$20033 – 45 kg62”
Oversized bag+$20023 kg62” – 115”

Note: Assistive devices are free of charge. U.S. military personnel are also given a free checked bag service by United Airlines. This service also extends to certain Credit card users through a partnership with Chase. One personal item or Carry-on bags or individual items are permitted by the airlines for free of charge.



United Airlines, Inc has gained its fame as one of the USA’s most significant and major airlines. As such, it currently operates over a massive network of both international and domestic flight routes. This network spans over major and small cities in the United States of America and across all six continents. However, the regional services of the United Airlines are handled under the trademark name of United Express. A group of independent and individually owned carries works under the brand of United Express. Based on categories such as fleets’ size and the number of flight routes, United Airlines, Inc is also the third-largest airline in the world. It is also one of the founding members of the largest airlines’ alliances in the world, Star Alliance, which currently has over 28 members. It has its headquarters based in the state of Illinois, Chicago at the Willis Tower. It currently has eight hubs all over the United States of America. However, its central hub concerning the departure numbers and passengers is presently in the Chicago-O’Hare International Airport.

United Airlines, Inc is a subsidiary company of its parent company, United Airlines Holdings, Inc.

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