United Airlines temporarily suspended flights to Delhi due to pollution

United Airlines temporarily suspended flights to Delhi due to pollution-

United Airlines temporarily suspended flights to Delhi on Friday over air quality concerns there.
“We are monitoring advisories as the region remains under a public health emergency, and are coordinating with respective government agencies,” a representative for the airline said.
Heavy pollution in India’s capital city prompted the airline to issue a travel waiver on Thursday. Customers with tickets for November 9 through November 13 will be able to re-book a comparable ticket leaving on or before November 18 at no additional cost.
The company noted that “when severe weather or other major events may impact our operations, we sometimes issue travel waivers to allow you to change to alternate flights without paying a change fee.”

Not only this a domestic flight handled by SpiceJet scraped the tarmac when it arrived in Delhi on Thursday afternoon, triggering anxiety among passengers due to poor visibility.

Delhi and its own bordering areas have been enveloped in a poisonous haze from crop fires, lowering presence to mere meters. The smog has resulted in several injuries in the encompassing states, some leading to deaths.

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