United Airlines to get additional 100 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft

United Airlines is reportedly in advanced talks to place an additional order for Boeing 737 MAX jets. As a result, United could buy over 100 Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets in a multibillion-dollar deal.

United is currently looking to upgrade its fleet when the travel demand is surging in the United States. In a move to revamp its fleet, the carrier could order up to 150 MAX aircraft, people close to the matter said.

The airline has also accelerated the delivery of its Boeing MAXs. The Chicago-based carrier is expected to take deliveries of 40 MAX jets in 2022 and 54 in 2023. As of now, it has 30 MAX 9 jets in its fleet.

In addition to this, United is also in talks with Airbus to increase its order for the Airbus A321neo jets. However, both manufacturers said that they do not comment on customer discussions.

In response to these speculations, United spokesperson Luke Punzenberger said:
“We do not currently have a deal in place with Boeing or Airbus to purchase new aircraft and do not comment on speculative aircraft orders.”

Earlier this year, in March United, ordered additional 25 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in a move to meet its post-pandemic demand growth.

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