Upcoming peak travel season to chaos TIA flight operation

Nepal, land of the top eight highest peaks and two of the world’s most leading trek destination has always been the hit list for the majority of the global citizens to discover. Month of September at the other has been embarked as the introduction of autumn season, best period of yearly calendar to site Nepal’s natural and cultural beauty.

Kathmandu the capital and the holder of the only international airport is currently on the preparation of the most anticipated festive and tourism season starting from September.

According to travel agencies September-November period is marked as the country’s peak tourist season, and has been predicted to land as much as 50 percent of the year’s total tourist. Likewise , Nepal’s main festivals Dashain and Tihar falls on the same duration when thousands of country’s migrant workers and students residing abroad travel back to celebrate  festive occasion with their families autumn.

Thus the autumn season will result in maximum number of landings of aircraft at country’s one and only international airport. At present TIA both International and Domestic operation is amounted to more over four hundred flights in daily basis which will gradually exceed five hundred with the increase in flow of migrants’ workers, students and tourists arriving to the country.

Similarly, majority of Kathmandu out bounding highways and road ways have been obstructed by floods and landslide occurred due to excessive rain. So the locals travelling back to their home town for the festive celebration too will be compelled to use air travel to reach their destination. Hence the number of flights conducted from TIA is likely to reach its utmost highest level.

At one hand the operation capacity of the country’s solo international Airport is at its strained capacity and at the others the flow of tourist and migrants workers and students will be resulting in additional operation exceeding its actual capacity. So this tight and hectic schedule unmanageable air operation will surely cause chaos for both ATC and airport operators.

Precisely, TIA will be submerged with delays and cancelation of flights resulted by overreached level of flight schedules. So the entire passengers, airline operators and airport authorities are likely to be troubled with the overreached operation capacity of TIA.

Passengers will be troubled with never ending cancellation and delays of flights. Similarly, airline staffs along with airport authority will be added up with extra working schedule. Thus, staffs with extra duty to be accomplished will be tired and irritated for the hectic working condition. Thus the irritation enhanced from hectic and tight working schedule is likely to encounter human misshape.

In result a small misshape made by the ATC, Airport Authority, Airline Operation and Flight Crew can lead to an aviation disaster defaming the entire nation with a deep scare. Thus the both the government and airport authority officials needs to be aware about the circumstance arriving from September.

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