Update on Emirates Boeing 777-300 Plane Crash Investigation Report

Update on Emirates Boeing 777-300 Plane Crash Investigation Report

May 11, 2017-DUBAI 

The investigation on the Emirates Jet that made crashed landed at Dubai International in August last year is expecting the investigation to be released by Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) by the end of this year.

All 300 passengers and crew were safely evacuated but unfortunately an Aviation Rescue firefighter died while dealing with the flames after the Boeing 777-300, arriving from Thiruvananthapuram, India, skidded along the runway for 800 meters on its fuselage.

A preliminary investigation report released in September, 2016 by the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority noted that the pilot aborted the landing after an initial touchdown but the aircraft hit the runway as its landing gear retracted.

Also, Executive Director for Aviation Safety DCAA Mr. Khaled Al Arif told Arabian Business this week that they were hoping for the investigation to be over by year-end.

Earlier this year, DCAA director-general Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi told that the investigation will take about a year to complete.

This is the first crash of the airline operator in which it lost its aircraft in its 30-year history, but all passengers and crew on board the aircraft were evacuated safely before the flight burst into flame.

  • Source: DCAA / AviTech 
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