Update on Heli-Everest AS 350 B3e Incident

Update on Heli-Everest AS 350 B3e Incident

May 9, 2017- Everest Base Camp

Heli-Everest Airbus AS 350 B3e helicopter with registration ‘9N-AKG’ suffered damage on its tail boom during force landing at Everest Base Camp on May 7, 2017.

The incident occurred during force landing after the helicopter’s tail boom unfortunately hit the foreign object followed by the crack on the lower part of its tail portion. The helicopter was in command of foreign Pilot and had three passengers on board.

As per preliminary information, neither major damage occurred nor did any causality take place.

Currently, the ill-fated helicopter is grounded at Lukla Helipad and is waiting for arrival of parts to be replaced. The Engineering and Investigation team from CAAN have been already dispatched to Lukla for further investigation and inspection.

There is no doubt that helicopter companies have been a boom to our country. The recent burning contribution during earthquake has created an another level of bench mark but still the safety factor has been the biggest question mark and still the authority are trying to figure out the loopholes for the crashes.

Note: The News has been updated on the basis of information collected from the officials of Heli-Everest (Executive Chairperson Lhakpa Sherpa, Chief Pilot Capt. Nischal K.C.) on 09 May 2017. The incident site was mistaken previously which was marked as Lukla Airport but Everest Base Camp (EBC) was actual incident site. The information now has been corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
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