Update on the missing Malaysian aircraft, MH370

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Photo: The Malaysian Insider

Update on the missing Malaysian aircraft, MH370

Source: BBC, 13 December 2016

The Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines flight 370, which got lost while en route Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 2014, that disappeared around the Indian Ocean on the way to Beijing carrying 239 passengers onboard with the crew on 8th of March in 2014, has still not been found.

Several ships had been sent for the search around the vast Indian Ocean which is still lost somewhere beneath that ocean. And now, the one remaining ship still searching for the lost aircraft is likely to go for the final voyage.

The Dutch owned Fugro Equator which left the Australian port of Fremantle on Monday will complete its search by early 2017 and if the aircraft is still not found by then, the search will be halted as per the officials.

Not even a single piece of the aircraft have been found or any clues have been identified that would aid the search operation.

Several countries have been involved for the search including Australia and China.

Some scarceaeroplanewreckagesestablished to be from MH370 had been found on the East African and Madagascan coasts in latest months.

The site of the debris is in route with drift modelling patterns grounded on the theory that MH370 departed down in a fragment of the Indian Ocean near Australia.


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