US airlines that allow dogs

Flying with a dog is not that uncommon these days, many airlines worldwide allow people to travel with their pets. Similarly, there are also a lot of US airlines that allow passengers to travel with their dogs.

So, either if you are relocating or planning to enjoy holidays with your best buddy, here, we have created a list of US airlines that allow dogs.

1. American Airlines

As one of the top airlines on a global level, American Airlines is one of the favorite US airlines that allow dogs. The airlines charge $125 for pets for main cabin flights, the American Airline’s pet policy allows the passengers to bring one kennel that fits under the seat in front of them in lieu of a carry-on bag. However, the pet should be kept in the kennel for the entire time throughout the flight. Not only that, but the American Airlines passengers heading to the Admiral Club lounge can also bring their pets to the lounge as long as they stay inside the kennel.

2. Alaska Airlines

For pet lovers in the US, Alaska Airlines is the lowest fee-charging US airline that allows dogs. The lowest fee among the other airlines and the most flexible policy of Alaska Airlines will make your trip with your favorite companion easy and smooth.

airlines that allow dogs

The airlines charge $100 each way for a kennel or carrier that is holding the pet, also, if two pets of the same species or similar size can fit in the same carrier the passengers will be charged only $50 for each pet. For the pet owners traveling with more than two pets, they can bring up to four pets of similar sizes in two carriers. The pets will be let in the main cabin, however, it will get a little bit pricy as the passenger will have to purchase the under-seat storage of the adjacent seat as well.

3. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is another US airline that allows dogs in the main cabin on almost all North American flights. However, there are restrictions in boarding the pets in flight from New York-JFK, Boston, Orlando, and Austin routes. The airlines allow dogs in the aircraft as long as the carrier or kennel fits in the under-seat storage and weighs less than 25 pounds with the pet inside it.

Hawaiian Airlines

In cases where your pet doesn’t meet the airline’s carry-on policy, your pet can travel in the belly storage of the plane where the fee of storage starts from $225 onwards.

4. Delta Airlines

As one of the most prominent airlines in the world, Delta airlines is also among the top US airlines that allow dogs in flight. Delta hasn’t set any kind of specific weight limit on dogs or other types of pets, but they should fit in comfortably in the under-seat storage inside their kennel or carrier. You can check the under-seat dimension of the aircraft on the airline’s website to understand the maximum size limit(Click here).

airlines that allow dogs
Delta Airlines Airbus A350-941 , photo by SK with lens

Compared to other airlines that allow dogs, Delta airlines has also provisions for international travel. The airlines charge $125 to all the passengers traveling with their pets within North America, $200 for the travelers in the international routes, and only $75 for the passengers flying to Brazil.

5. United Airlines

We cannot simply leave one of the globally leading airlines out of the list, the United Airlines is one of the most well-balanced US airlines that allow dogs in flight. Like Delta, there are no weight limits for the pet, but they must fit comfortably in a carrier or kennel placed in the under-seat storage area. United approves the carriers with the maximum dimension of 46x28x28 cm (soft-sided) or 44x30x19 cm (hard-sided).

airlines that allow dogs
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United set the price limit to $125, the passengers will be charged +$125 service charge for each stops more than four hours within the U.S or more than 24 hours outside of the U.S. For long-haul international travel, the cost of traveling with pets may vary depending on the flight hour and travel destination. Although United is among the best airlines that allow dogs and other pets, the pets are not allowed to travel with unaccompanied minors.

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