US Department of Transportation positive on Nepal-US two-way flight agreement

The United States Department of Transportation has positively urged the Nepal-US two-way flight agreement. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Director General Pradeep Adhikari stated that the Secretary of the said agency Pete Buttigieg is doing the necessary homework to complete the process as much as possible.

The Secretary of the Department of Transportation has been positive to proceed with all the necessary procedures for a two-way flight agreement with the United States. There is regular correspondence with the authority. Both countries are meticulously doing homework to finalize the agreement as soon as possible.

He said that considering the high potential of both countries’ tourism, educational, and aviation sectors, the US is emphasizing a two-way flight agreement. According to the same procedure, the US Federal Aviation Administration representative returned home after conducting a preliminary study of Nepal’s aviation sector. A three-person American team studied Nepal’s aviation sector on Friday and returned home on Saturday.

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According to the authority, the team conducted this study on the actions and progress made by Nepal in air security in the last six months. A month ago, Nepal and the US started correspondence for a bilateral air agreement. For this, there was correspondence between the authority and the US Federal Aviation Administration.

It is said that if direct flights start between the two countries, it will be easy for foreign tourists and Nepalese who come for educational, business, and other visits. It is believed that the American and Nepali airlines will start direct flights, the competition will increase, and the airfares will also be cheaper.

The work was started three months ago to start Nepal-US two-way direct air service. According to the initial discussion, the authority said that United Airlines of America, American Airlines and Nepal Airlines Corporation, and Himalaya Airlines could fly on behalf of Nepal.

At present, international airlines such as Turkish, Qatar Airways, Singapore, Thai, etc., are providing Nepal-US flight services through various transits. Singapore Airlines is taking the most passengers to America.

At present, Nepal has signed two-way direct flight agreements with 40 countries. Only 20 out of 40 destinations have regular commercial flights.

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