Vehicle parking at TIA shifted

Airport management of Tribhuvan International Airport has shifted vehicle parking to new parking area after increase in traffic due to Taxi and other private vehicles dropping and picking up the travelers and their relatives.

After a lot of complains from passengers, tourism minister Rabindra Adhikari (MoCTCA) directed to manage the parking at the airport which will help passenger from being cheated.

The old parking spot will be used for VIP parking and lane will be used in its surrounding to control the traffic. The work was started from Sunday and the new plan is expected to take around a week to be fully executed. The entry and exit of the airport is also going to be changed.

There will be provision of keeping only 10 Green number plate and 10 black number plate vehicle and only after a vehicle (taxi) takes passenger and leaves, another taxi may drive to take that place. This system is also expected to end the syndicate of taxi drivers.

Private vehicle also needs to be parked in the new designated area according to the new provision. The exit has been directed to the south of the airport and the entry is being made from the previous place till today. The other provisions too are expected to be applicable soon.

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