VIP travel at Bharatpur airport creates problem for airport management

There is considerable number of VIPs travelling to and fro the Bharatpur Airport and it has been raising threat to the security. At least one VIP travel through Bharatpur Airport in a day and the amount of people welcoming VIP is high. Airport management authorities are facing difficulties in controlling crowd during such visit.

It has been seen that the huge crowd of people even reach the aircraft parking area at the air-side to welcome the VIPs and the security personnel are facing tough time in managing it.

Airport officials says that peoples (Families, friends, followers, and party cadres) get to the runway without any restrictions. Huge crowd gathers when a leader or minister lands and they do not listen to management authority creating lot of problems in running normal operations.

After the country going federal, movement of dignitaries across the country has also grown and has also made Bharatpur Airport busier as the airport has been both a destination and transit. Although guideline have been made for crowd regulation, its implementation has been difficult.

Nepal Police Chief of Chitwan also stated that the problem is very crucial and its control mechanism has not been effective as they also have to work under extreme pressure but they are trying their best to control it.

Bharatpur Airport security system had been strengthened for safe flow of air passengers with the starting of the new year 2075 however, the new rules and policies have been neglected.

The strong implementation of the new rule would permit only 15 people to welcome or see off VIPs which would help in managing airport and ensure security.

Parking bays, terminal buildings, control towers, runway had been announced the prohibited areas of the airport. It had also been said that the VIP section will be available to the high ranked officials only but it could not be implemented due to which the problem remains persisted.

Pawan Gautam, Bharatpur Airport chief says that the authority is unable to implement the strong security measures due to the pressure of various political parties. We have to conduct meeting to sort out the issue, he added.

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