Voice Communication Control System of TIA still dysfunctional

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), one and only international airport of Nepal fails to re-operate Voice Communication Control System (VCCS) after more than one month of being dysfunctional.

According to the source, after VCCS failure, the ATC communications are being carried out through recently procured backup portable VHF radio transceivers at TIA as the primary as well as secondary frequencies for aerodrome control service at the control tower as Air Traffic Controller (ATC) often get criticisms from the aircraft crew.

The technicians have been incapable to ascertain the problem in the communication system.

As per the information, VCCS witnessed a problem since December 16 where the portable VHF radio transceivers used as a backup can only be used in the purpose of emergency standby for one or two days.

One of the airport officials stated that TIA authority or Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) are neither paying enough attention in resolving the problem nor taking action. The negligence of both governance body could make situation worse which can even lead to mid-air collision while handling inbound and outbound aircraft.

Voice Communications Control System (VCCS) is the important instruments which ensure smooth flight operation as per International standard and ATC provider is required to uphold both primary and secondary frequencies under the VCCS. It allows the ATC to tune their communications radios to other if one is disturbed immediately.

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