VOR/DME equipment to be installed at Dhangadhi Airport

With the collaboration of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), VOR/DME (radio navigation system which provides the angle between aircraft and station and gives the distance between aircraft and the station) equipment will be added by the end of November 2018 at the Dhangadhi Airport in Western Nepal for making it easier to operate at night.

The contractor company and technicians of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) have monitored the sites location and has examined the land that was acquired to place the equipment. Deputy Director of (CAAN) Sanjiv Singh Kathayat who is also one of the prime member of team investigating the project said that the land was appropriate to install the VOR/DME equipment. This will help to operate flights even in bad weather conditions, he added.

The company which got tender in Japan has arrived for regional study and detail inspection of the area. Dhangadhi Civil Aviation Chief Chabi Singh Thagunna said due to lack of sufficient instrument, many flights have to be cancelled. Mainly in winter season, due to foggy weather, flights have to be cancelled he added. Installment of VOR/DME will helpful for flight operating in winter and during night time.

Though CAAN has acquired 17 bigaha and 4 kattha lands for installing the equipment, due to disagreement by 2 land owners about the compensation price, the authority has not been able to claim the ownership of the land.

Locals Yadav Prasad Joshi and Jay Bahadur Bhandari filed a case in the Ministry of Home Affairs about disagreement on compensation price. Airport head said that some landowners tried to create controversy after distribution of more than half the amount of compensation. This has affected the development procedure.

Almost 2/3rd amount have already been distributed but after the filed complaint rest have been stopped. Peoples who are left to receive the compensation have stopped to take the money in hope of getting more amounts.

Home affair ministry has asked for information with District Administration Office regarding compensation assessment procedure. The DAO said they have provided all information and the ministry will look into the problem. Authority has urged the governing official to help in this as it will effect in development of airport.

With 30 meters wide and 1800 meters long blacktopped runway, is the airport with the second long runway, after the Tribhuvan International Airport and it is also planned to be upgraded to an international airport, making Nepal’s fourth international airport.

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