VOR/DME installation at Chandragadhi & Dhangadhi Airport delays further

VOR/DME instrument is expected to be installed at Chandragadhi and Dhangadhi Airport however, the project is delayed further. Birendra Prassad Shrestha, Deputy Director General of CAAN informed the project will be administered on the collaboration of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The 2 years project has already been awarded, he added.

VOR/DME (radio navigation system which provides the angle between aircraft and station and gives the distance between aircraft and the station) equipment is expected to be installed at the both the airports in aim of making it easier to operate flights at night and reduced visibility.

CAAN had already approved the application for acquiring the required land at both airports for installation and forwarded the approval application for Ministry of Finance (MOF) for the dispatching of Budget for acquiring the land.

The contractor company and technicians of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) have already monitored the sites location and have examined the land acquired to place the equipment. Almost 2/3rd of the compensation amount has been dispatched to the landowners. Whereas, rest has been stopped because of controversy created by some landowners which has affected the development procedure.

Previously, the authority said that the field inspection work for Dhangadhi and Chandragadhi airport had already accomplished and now has initiated its next step for installation.  CAAN had scheduled the inauguration of the installation of VOR/DME equipment on the both airport from January, 2018 but the installation project had pushed forward for couple of months and was again expected to start on March  2018 however, it is expected to take some more time.

With the installation of VOR/DME equipment, it is expected to operate night flight from both the airports to minimize the heavy traffic at Tribhuvan International Airport. The project which was said to be launched on January, 2018 has been pushed several times.

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