What are Delta Airlines future plans?

What are Delta Airlines future plans? Delta has been on the top list among other airlines known for quality and reliable services ever since its establishment. Even amongst other airlines for the race to the top of the chart, Delta has been quite straightforward in adapting to new innovations and techniques that give optimum satisfaction to the passengers flying with them. That’s the reason why Delta airlines has managed to remain on the top list for almost a century now, focusing on quality service unified with modern practices and appliances to make passenger’s journey fun and stress-free. 

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Delta Air Lines N830DN (737-932ER), Photo by: Scot Wattawa

Delta Future

Delta has frequently been improving different areas of its services to keep pushing through the ranking and provide a better travel experience to the passengers. Here is the list of areas that Delta airlines plans to improve even further in the future.

At Airport

Delta airline partnering with the Misapplied Sciences, specializing in Parallel  RealityTM decided to launch their first-ever Parallel RealityTM beta screens that work with naked eyes. After official use of this parallel screen, nearly 100 passengers will be able to see their own information, notification, or direction on the screen. This futuristic innovation at the airport of Delta airlines will be tailored to each passenger where they will be able to see the personalized content regarding their journey on a singular digital screen. The passengers will also have an option to choose the preferred language they want to view their information or notifications; this will allow the airports to properly navigate their passengers who are not familiar with universal languages even in the busiest hours.

Delta airlines came up with a plan for a parallel screen to reduce the passengers’ stress at the airport. Clients will receive all the necessary information about their flight and any new notification considering their travel destination or package. So, passengers don’t have to be worried about missing any updates or worry about inadequate information as even the first-time fliers will be easily able to navigate around with the help of the parallel screens. Passengers will get access to the parallel screen right after the security check.

Evolvement of Fly Delta app

Delta airlines has taken steps to make its app more immersive and easy-interface meeting the needs of the passengers. The app’s upgrade has been designed with the framework and additional features that make the application a perfect travel partner for the passengers flying under the Delta banner.

Delta has planned to make traveling stress-free and more relaxing, taking care of almost every need of customers and offering services that are convenient to the passengers like providing rides to the airports, notifying the passengers time to board more accurately identifying the group of passengers, recommending the best security checkpoint for the passengers at the airport and many more other features.

Furthermore, the application will soon be upgraded to the point where the passengers will be able to pick the seat of their desire through an AR experience, including the proactive weather alter feature, which will alert the passengers about the weather situations that could affect their future flights. The primary purpose of the app is to make it a hub to execute every action that the passengers have to perform using different apps like traffic check, TSA wait times, and airport parking from the access of a particular application. Delta’s CEO, Ed Bastian, had personally laid out the vision for the future evolvement of the app at the CES in Las Vegas in January 2020. 

On-board Entertainment 

It’s not news that Delta Airlines has been trying to outperform their entertainment units time-to-time, better than their predecessor.  Now, Delta Airlines is moving forward to take the position of the first-ever airline with a dedicated in-flights channel. The airline will be streaming featured movies and show that meet the Reframe Stamp standard. Their partnership with Reframe will allow the passengers to enjoy gender parity movies and TV shows with diverse entertainment choices.

Delta future

Delta is also introducing a new feature like “Binge Button,” which lets the passengers freely enjoy and take control over the entertainment units. So, the passengers will be able to binge-watch entire new seasons of their favorite show or new movies without any interruption; furthermore, the “recommended for you” feature integrated into the system lets the passengers choose the content similar to their viewing behavior.

The airlines is taking up such measures as their research concluded that their entertainment units were hugely appreciated by the passengers. It was a major des-stressor factor on the flight. They are pushing the horizon as an entertainment airline and continuously driving the growth of in-house entertainment with the finest of their products. Delta Airlines is aiming for the future where their captivating content becomes part of the entire journey of their passengers, not just in the air.

Eco-friendly Movement

Delta Airlines is well aware of the damage humankind has done to the environment in the name of development. The deterioration of every component of the environment, from air, land, to water, is not a matter that should be taken lightly; our entire existence depends on those elements of the environment, which most of mankind has yet to fathom.

As one of the top airline service providers and a reputed institution, Delta has planned to take eco-friendly measures in the movement to save the environment, which has become exemplary work to other industries. Delta airlines committed to being the first-ever carbon neutral airline to make international flights in January 2020 and invest over $100k in TIST. This international tree-planting program supports farmers and activists trying to reverse declining environmental circumstances conserving farming and tree planting.

delta future

CEO of Delta airlines, Ed Bastian, also stated their commitment to connecting the people to the world with environmental factors in mind. Delta airlines voluntarily started capping down carbon emissions from their flight at the 2012 level. They plan to go even further by reducing their footprint in factors that aid deterioration of the environment and opt-out for the natural climate solution that supports the local economies across the world.

Furthermore, Delta airlines also announced the launch of its plans for the ‘Flight to Net Zero’ program and signed its 5th sustainable aviation fuels agreement in partnership with CWt(Centralized Waste Treatment) to honor their commitment for their carbon neutrality. Their ‘Flight to Net Zero’ program emphasizes the airline’s goal of carbon neutrality, representing new products and initiatives that will reduce carbon emissions advancing and promoting the clean air travel plan. Delta Airlines plans to use only 10% of aviation conventional fuel by the end of 2030 and is pretty close to achieving its goal.

Innovative Workplace for Delta future

Delta airlines also announced their work-in-progress to apply an AI-drive algorithm on decision science that any airlines had never achieved before at CES in 2020. The airlines announced their partnership with Sacros Robotics, a leading exoskeleton development company, to design a mobile and multi-skilled exoskeleton that will boost the employees’ physical capabilities and ensure their safety at the same time.

The airline plans to bring out its employees from behind the desk areas to effectively assist the passengers and make their journey as smooth as possible. Sacros Robotics, with that idea in mind, developed a battery-powered full-body exoskeleton to boost physical performance with high endurance capabilities; an employee wearing the exoskeleton suit can lift weight up to 200 pounds without any malfunctions for up to 8 hours. This also made Delta airlines employees the first-ever front liners to be directly associated with Sarcos to analyze the potentiality of the suits; however, it might take some time for the full-scale development to equip the employees globally.

In addition to that, Delta Airlines is also planning to adapt to full-scale digital simulation transformation of its globally operating workplaces to provide adequate services in the situation of challenging travel circumstances. The airline expects to solve any problems in the most effective with this entire machine-learning platform operated with more than 80,000 employees, even in the most challenging cases.

What About Post Covid Pandemic Flights?

The Covid pandemic situation has hit the travel industry very hard, creating one of the worst-case scenarios and heavy blow which the industry hasn’t faced in decades. Likely, Delta airline also took a weary hit and had to bear heavy losses. However, as one of the leading airline companies, Delta airlines are already looking towards the future and how traveling will shape the upcoming post-pandemic world.

In an interview with the New York Times in February 2021, Delta Airlines’ CEO had shared insights on the possibility of the new set of rules and policies in the post-pandemic world. The CEO also exhaled how recovering the international travel would take a much longer time considering the lack of testing and vaccination worldwide.

Delta CRJ 900 ; Photo Jamie Bouchard,

Further, there have been talks about the need for pre-vaccination to board the flight, the rule has not been implemented as mandatory as of now, but it is expected that it will be essential in post-Covid travel. In the case of Delta employees, the airlines haven’t set any mandatory rules about taking vaccination for all of the employees; nonetheless, employees taking international flights will likely need to get the vaccination.

Based on passenger’s safety and well-being, the frequent sanitation of the airplane space, the need for mandatory masks, touchless kiosks, plexiglass barriers, and other preventive measures will stay in practice for an unforeseeable future. Delta will keep updating to new tools and techniques that will be an effective preventative measure against the Covid virus following every new rule and policy set by the health authorities. Delta airlines had also implemented the middle seat blocking practice from April 2020 to May 2021 to build the confidence of passengers in air travel. 

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