What do helicopter mechanics do? Helicopter mechanics salary in USA

Helicopter mechanics is a specialty in which an individual is responsible for the repair and maintenance of helicopters and has strong technical and mechanical capabilities. They usually work and communicate to the senior helicopter mechanic or flight hangar manager in hangars or airfield runways.

Requirements and Qualifications

The general requirement for qualifying for a mechanical certificate is as follows. The applicant must:

  1. Be 18 years old or older.
  2. To be able to read, speak and understand English fluently;
  3. Meet the need for experience or education;
  4. Pass the required test set within 24 months

The required tests include a set of knowledge tests followed by a practical test that includes an oral test portion and is administered by a Designated Mechanics Examiner (DME).

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An individual who meets the required specifications shall be issued a mechanics certificate with either an airframe or a power plant rating or both. The eligibility for mechanic testing depends on the applicant’s ability to record their knowledge of the subject matter and perform maintenance tasks. The FAA acknowledges two ways of demonstrating the knowledge and skills needed: practical experience or completion of a school-certified training program under Part 147 of the FARs.

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Going to the FAA-certified Aviation Maintenance Technology School is a great way to learn the necessary skills needed. Such schools provide at least 1900 hours of training to applicants studying for a combined qualification, while only 1140 hours are required for those obtaining qualifications in either power plant or airframe maintenance.

A bachelor’s degree is becoming more of a priority for many employers, whether in aviation maintenance management, aviation technology, or avionics. Having an advanced degree can allow you to get a higher-paying job. In addition to academic credentials, you should have some skills that will complement this career path.

Top Institutions for Bachelor degree in Helicopter Mechanics

  1. Utah State University
  2. Kansas State University
  3. Southern Illinois University
  4. University of Alaska
  5. Wichita Area Technical College
  6. Central Texas College

Helicopter Mechanics Responsibility

  1. Helicopter mechanics are responsible for conducting routine and systematic inspections of all helicopters in our hangars
  2. Identifying possible issues, conducting diagnostic procedures to find causes, and troubleshooting problems.
  3. Carry out the necessary repairs to fix diagnosed issues promptly.
  4. Conduct scheduled maintenance, such as modifications to gasoline.
  5. Use relevant instruments, tools, and software programs to assess the efficiency and make repairs.
  6. Communication with the pilots on the efficiency of the helicopters during the flight.
  7. Troubleshooting any problems instantly brought to light by helicopter pilots.
  8. Helicopter retirement guidelines based on past servicing, repairs, and flight times.
  9. Maintenance logs and reports are kept in detail.

Helicopter Mechanics Salary

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2018, most aircraft mechanics and service technicians, including helicopter mechanics, made anywhere from $17.67 per hour or less for the lowest-paid 10% to $47.03 per hour or more for the top-paid 10%. This is between $36,760 and $97,820 a year. The average annual salary of aircraft mechanics and service technicians, including helicopter mechanics, was $62,920.

Helicopter Mechanics employed in the scheduled air transport industry expect to receive more from those employed in the non-scheduled air transport industry, but competition for jobs can be fierce. The geographical position is another aspect that influences the payout. The BLS reports that higher wages are charged to people working in various reports, including Kentucky, New Jersey, and Washington.

Helicopter Mechanics Job Opportunity

According to different sources, between the time intervals of 2018 to 2028, the job will increase to 3% and generate 4700 job opportunities in the US.

Air travel is also increasing in frequency, leading to higher demand for aviation mechanics in the industry. Candidates who keep up-to-date with advances in aircraft electronics will find the most promising positions throughout their careers. Jobs can be found with the military, such as the US army, helicopter design, air ambulance, government organizations, international development agencies, and more. Examples include AECOM, Columbia Helicopters, PAE, Unico, MRO, Air Methods, Lockheed Martin, Life Flight Network, and UTC Aerospace Systems.

Job Career

As you step along in your career, you will begin to take on more responsibilities or note that you have taken on a leadership role. Helicopter mechanics will decide his career goals via career advancement. For example, they might start with a helicopter mechanic position, transfer to a title such as lead mechanic, and eventually end up with the title maintenance supervisor.

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