What is the travel document number? All you need to know

Every international visit requires a valid travel document with a valid document number. The travel document or other official document establishes the identity and nationality of the holder issued by a competent public of the country. But, what is the travel document number? The passport or other travel document you hold has a unique number on its right side. The number plays the role of a travel identity document, and it is the unique identifier of your passport. Your travel document number is checked to ensure that the number matches your passport by the security personnel.

The travel document number is the unique number on your travel documents, such as your passport or visa, validates your travel to the particular country. It is the set of digits that certifies the identity of the individual who travels abroad.

what is travel document number

If it’s the US passport, then the travel document number refers to the nine digits numeric code at the top corner of the passport info page on the right side. The first two numbers concern the location of the issue of the passport. For instance, the first two numbers of 01 in your passport number signifies that the passport was issued from Washington.

It’s not only the passport that bears numbers. The visa that is issued by the consulate of the country you are traveling to, either as a stamp or as a sticker with a stamp, also has the number in it. Every person who is traveling outside their own country must show the number of his/her travel document.

The number is printed in red on the bottom right-hand corner of the visa, which is also your travel document number.

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Before knowing in detail about the travel document number, let’s give a look at what a travel document is.

If you are traveling to a country other than the place of your origin, you need a travel document. You need to get travel documents before you leave on your trip abroad. Some of the important travel documents are:

1. Passport

Passport is the legal identification document issued by the competent public authority to nationals or to alien residents recognized as the bonafide dweller of the issuing country that certifies the identity and nationality of the bearer and authorized travel outside their own country. You can find your name, date of birth, place of issue, date of issue, nationality, gender, passport number, and other important information in a passport. Passports are the keys that will help you unlock the country you are willing to visit. If there’s no key or if the key is lost, then the door of international travel won’t open for you. Although it helps you enter the country, it won’t guarantee your stay. How long you will be able to stay will be determined by the type of visa you are holding.

what is travel document number

Passport number location

Passport number or your travel document number is located in the upper-right hand of the bio page. The nine digits on your passport’s bio page are your passport number, which is a unique code. The numbers in your passport are generated carefully to express crucial information about the holder.

Why do you need a passport?

It’s the rule to have a passport in your hand to be able to travel around the world. A passport is a reliable form of identification that will establish your nationality and designate you as a bonafide dweller of the country. With a passport, the whole world is at your disposal, and it helps you keep track of where you have visited and where there’s unfinished business to travel.

2. Visa (Visitors Internationally Stay Allowance)

It is an entry in the passport or other travel documents, which is a form of permission granted for non-citizens by consular officials or government to enter, transit, or remain in a particular country. However, a visa, transit visa, or visa exemption from a country doesn’t guarantee entry as it is the right of immigration officials of the concerned country.

Visa helps in immigration control regarding how many tourists or visitors can enter the country, length of stay, and their involvement in the activities. It also helps to identify visitors before their arrival on the visa application process. Another benefit of a visa is that you can either work or get residence depending upon the visa type.

Visa number

Most of the visas have seven or more numbers. Some may be alphanumeric. A Visa number is a number that the official consular avails of the government. If your visa is Schengen, you might find your Schengen visa number in the top right corner of the visa sticker. It’s easy to find as it is often printed in a different color than the rest of the pieces of information in the document.

The unique eight-digit letter and number code in a US visa are generally printed in red on the bottom right side of the new visa document.

Then, what is a visa reference number?

Visa reference number or transaction reference number (TRN) is the unique reference number provided to each online application that changes for each visa you hold.

3. Green Card

It is the permanent residence card issued by the Department of Immigration of the country concerned, which you get after proving your eligibility by following the local procedures. The green card number or ‘receipt number’ is a 13 digit code in the US (3 letters and rest numbers). Most of the countries print their green card numbers at the backside of the PR cards.

Travel Document Number – Why is it needed?

Keeping personal information aside, the travel document number is an essential piece of information. It is the passport number that verifies the authenticity of the passport as a valid travel document. Your passport is invalid without this number. This number is needed to identify you by the authorities correctly.

To fill up a visa as well as for government records, a travel document number assists you in identifying your passport uniquely. This number is found on your passport, visa, etc. A green card, a 1-95 form, also acts as a reliable form of travel documents in the US. The number usually contains the set of numbers and letters connecting the holder’s name to their travel documents in government records.

Travel document numbers aren’t ordinary. In fact, they allow Immigration authorities worldwide to pull publicly available information about you while also helping the customs department track your movements during your stay in their country.

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Each of the travel documents that are required for the country you are traveling to has its own unique travel document number. For e.g., A visa number is given to every person who holds a visa; it is the number granted after the approval of your visa application. It is imperative for the country to monitor what type of people enter or remain, so visa numbers will verify travelers’ identity, authenticity, and if they are the genuine people to enter other’s country.

The passport number is tied with all of the important information about the holder in the native country. A passport number is a code registered in the native country’s government database that ties directly to an individual. So his/her background and criminal records are easily retained. Without a travel document number, it is super hard to recognize the visitors showing documents, which document is fake and which one’s real. With concerns like overpopulation, economics, terrorism, the authorities must identify every person who comes in and out of their country’s locations. To serve the purpose of traveling, a travel document number is required.

Do all travel documents have the same travel document number?

No, since each document type has a different structure and serves different purposes. The number of digits differs among travel documents. For e.g., a US visa contains eight digits while a green card has 13 such numbers. On the other hand, a passport is required for the purpose of international travel while the visa is granted to allow you entrance into the country. Green Card allows you to reside in a certain country. So, due to different structures and different purposes, not all travel documents have the same travel document number.

Before you plan to leave your country and set foot in other, make sure your all travel documents are right in place. Traveling will give you a perspective, and different understanding of the world, and unforgettable memories for a lifetime. It not only broadens your knowledge horizon but also gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to live like other citizens while reducing cultural shock.


International travel has never been easier. If you are crossing the border, there are various rules and regulations you need to abide by. Travel documents ensure your entry into your dream country, and your travel document number validates your travel documents. Enjoy your trip with all the needed information beforehand.

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