What terminal is Alaska Airlines at lax, A guide for lax terminal 6

Most of the travelers asked us “What terminal is Alaska Airlines at lax“. Which means what terminal does Alaska Airlines use at lax (Los Angeles International Airport)? Terminal 6 has been presently used by Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Boutique Air, Mokulele Airlines, and VivaAerobus. Since Alaska Airlines keeps expanding the number of flights it aims to offer in and out the Los Angeles. Terminal 6 does have 14 gates: Gates 60–63, 64A–64B, 65A–65B, 66, 67, 68A–68B and 69A–69B.

Alaska Airlines entered a contract with Los Angeles World Airports in April 2011 to redevelop Terminal 6 and build an Alaska Airlines Board Room Lounge. On 20 March 2012, the carrier switched the services to Terminal 6, and Spirit Airlines was transferred to Terminal 3.

Each Los Angeles International Airport terminal has a variety of facilities offered to passengers, ensuring that what they need during their layover, or waiting until their flight. There are several other places for eateries, bars, and newsstands. Inside there are good services of banks and ATMs facilities.

Recent upgrades in Terminal 6 with more than $318 million, include modern ticket booths and check-in kiosks, additional security checks, a larger lounge, and upgraded decor. The “Sunset Boulevard“- themed concessions opening in 2016 include 21 restaurants and other shopping solutions.

Over 22,000 square feet have been turned into Terminal 6 that offers a unique traveler experience influenced by the iconic Sunset Boulevard of L.A. The renovation features a new shopping and dining range, and almost 5,300 square feet of upgrades to shared spaces, along with the latest terrazzo floor and ribbon roof, three restroom sets, modern electrical and IT services as well as the office spaces for tenants.

The project was accomplished by LAWA, Westfield, and business partners collaborating in this. Its on-site layout, building, and tenant collaboration team at LAWA and Westfield started working with their project stakeholders to accomplish the 20-month renovation forward with time and budget.

Airlines operated from Terminal 6, What terminal is Alaska Airlines at lax

Photo: The wine bar at LAX Terminal 6 credit LA Times

Alaska Airlines Board Room at Lax

Even So, Alaska Board Room at LAX is located nearby the air-side at terminal 6, It is open every day from 5AM till 10PM.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at lax
Terminal 6, Photo: onemileatatime

The board room elevator is located near gate 65, close to the series of escalators that take you to the underground tunnel.

The board room is one floor up from the main competition. The reception desk is there immediately when you leave the elevator, which is where your credentials are checked by the Board Room hostess. We must access using the membership of the Priority Pass which should be swiped and signed.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at lax
Alaska Airlines Board Room LAX reception desk, Photo: onemileatatime

The Los Angeles board room is not particularly large or contemporary, but it is comfortable. It is not typically too crowded and is generally one broad, rectangular room with some privacy partitions.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at lax
Alaska Airlines Board Room LAX seating, Photo: onemileatatime

In the middle of the room there is the primary seating area.

One of the lounge ‘s favorites is the scenes. You gaze across a few gates directly, and you do have a complete view of traffic on the airport

Alaska Airlines Board Room LAX bar area, Photo: onemileatatime
Alaska Board Room LAX view, Photo: onemileatatime

There is a service center in the back corner of the lounge. You have stations with PCs on one side, and outlets on the other with workstation.

LAX Terminal 6, Where to eat?

Traveling can be a real nightmare, from horrific traffic entering the airport to chaotic security lines and unexpected delays. LAX has, luckily, made some big changes to its dining scene for frequent travelers over the past couple of years, including better choices available at each terminal.

A Quick Meal

  • Starbucks Evening: Starbucks’ first wine-bar idea in LA. Craft beer, coffee, and tapas are also served
  • The Habit Burger Grill: Delicious burger at your fingertips
  • Wahoo’s Fish Tacos: Orange County-born fish taco and rice bowl
  • Starbucks: coffee mega
  • Peet’s Coffee: the San Francisco Bay Specialty Coffee

Fast Casual/Bars

  • The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck: Breakfast and lunch
  • The Wine Bar by Wolfgang Puck: wine, beer, craft cocktails
  • WPizza by Wolfgang Puck: Known for its signature pizzas fired with wood
  • Osteria by Fabio Viviani: Traditional Italian Food & Craft Cocktails, Concept Wine Bar
  • Earthbar: Yummy smoothies
  • BLU2o: offering beer, cocktails, breakfast & appetizers
  • Point the Way Cafe: all-American favorite dishes
The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck , Photo by Robert Casillas,Daily Breeze

Photo: BLU2o

Travel tips for Terminal 6 at lax

Waiting for a flight? With other dining and shopping choices, a valid boarding pass for the same day departure takes you to any terminal.
Were you aware that in LAX post-security there are tunnels linking the southside terminals? Using our tunnel map to direct you throughout your layover to dine and shopping opportunities at other southside terminals.
If the passengers drop off at Terminal 6 as you reach the airport, drive in the far left lane and turn left in front of Terminal 1, where signs lead to United / United Express Terminal 7. The shortcut leads directly to Terminals 5, 6, 7, and 8 at the lower / arrivals point. The shortcut leads to Terminals 6, 7, and 8 on the Upper / Departures Stage. Both let you exit the airport.

Lax Terminal 6 Maps

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at lax

Fun Facts of Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is the seventh-largest passenger-based U.S. airline, is one of the most successful U.S. airlines along the West Coast. Headquartered in Seattle, Alaska, It serves more passengers than any other carrier between the state of Alaska.

  1. Alaska Airlines has a fleet size of 320+
  2. Alaska Airlines is only Airlines from the US to recycle mixed glass, plastic, and paper on every domestic flight. In 2014, flight attendants from Alaska Airlines collected 2,190 tons of recyclable material.
  3. Alaska Airlines was the first airlines to install heads up display in its aircraft
  4. The airlines was also the first in the world to incorporate GPS and EGPWS technology
  5. Alaska Airlines is currently the only airline in the US to have a dedicated cargo fleet
  6. Alaska Airlines was the launch customer of the McDonnell Douglas MD-83 and Boeing 737-900
  7. The airline was only one of the US carriers to support the 1978 Airline Deregulation Act
  8. In November 2016 the airline flew the first commercial flight using bio-fuel

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