What to learn from the Best and Luxurious Airports in the World?


What to learn from the Best and Luxurious Airports in the World?

April 13, 2017

Air travel has been a mandatory means of transportation these days. Aviation is proving to be a strong source of benefits to modern economics as it enhances profitable trade and tourism.

A well-established airport ensure proper movement of people and goods across far distances and boosts mutual-cooperation among different communities, regions ad countries hence, intensifying economic growth.

Realizing the importance of aviation, countries invest in their airports without hesitation and attract as many tourists as possible. Upon huge investments all the airports are not specified as highly standard and best. So, different companies conduct research, survey and assessment to rank the airports annually.

Recently, the Skytrax World Airport Awards declared the result of its survey related to the best airports in the world.

The survey conducted from July 2016 to February 2017 covered 550 airports and was based on based on 13.82 million airport survey questionnaires completed by 105 different nationalities of airline customers during the survey period.



The top best airports of the world are listed below:

1. Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport has become the airport of the year for the fifth consecutive year. The airport is known for its unique and unprecedented airport experiences. Changi airport continues to propel forward with greater determination to deploy new and advanced standards to meet the requirements of passengers and airlines. There is a plan to increase the airport’s runway capacity and introduce new taxiways.

2. Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)

This airport is also known as Haneda Airport is the primary base of Japan’s two major domestic airlines (Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways). It moved up to 2nd place from the last year’s 4th place. It received the World’s Cleanest Airport award and also secured first place in the World’s Best Domestic Airport category for the fifth year in a row.

3. Incheon International Airport

This is the largest airport in South Korea and also one of the busiest airports in the world that has been appeared among the world’s best airports for a record 12th consecutive year. The airport has been famous for its exceptional services as it houses the Korean Culture Museum, Traditional Culture Experience Zone, Traditional Craft Gallery and Arrival Hall Culture street. The airport is preparing to embark development of a fourth runway and an airline maintenance complex.

4. Munich Airport

Munich Airport is Germany’s second-biggest airport and the only 5-star airport in Europe. It has connections to almost all destinations over the world. Moreover, it facilitates passengers with over 150 retail stores and 50 places to eat, drink, and enjoy. The construction of third runway is planned by the management team.

5.Hong Kong International Airport

It is the main airport in Hong Kong that has been ranked as the fifth-best in the world.  The airport has a two-terminal and two-runway facility that produces enormous social and economic value for Hong Kong. It connects to 190 destinations and conducts 1100 daily flights with more than 100 airlines. The planning of a three-runway system will be made to handle the future aviation demands at the Airport. This airport received “2017 World’s Best Airport Dining Experience”.

Aviation not only connects different destinations but also encourages economic growth to intensify the global economy.

What about Tribhuvan International Airport?

Keeping all these factors into consideration, the up-gradation of every aspect (security, runway, terminal facilities, hospitality, etc.) of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is a huge matter of concern to all respective authorities.

Nepal receives considerable amount of tourists every year and to continue it, the upgradation and standardization of TIA is most. The country’s only international airport is enlisted in worst airports in the world and is criticized of poor security systems, unmanaged terminal facilities, hefty departure and arrival processes, lack of proper manpower, slow internet operations, corrupt services and many more. Moreover, the infrastructures of the international airport is also weak. The parking facility is becoming insufficient due to increase in fleets by the airlines and the runway receives frequent cracks.

If the renovation and standardization of TIA does not happen in time then the aviation industry of Nepal will plummet to a worse situation which will result huge loss to all of us.

Therefore, all the authorities must work enthusiastically to develop the airport taking the inspiration from above listed world’s top, best and luxurious airports.

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