What Tourism Minister saw on an early morning surprise visit to TIA!

What Tourism Minister saw on an early morning surprise visit to TIA!

September 25, 2016 – Kathamndu

Tourism Minister, Mr. Jeeban Bahadur Shahi who is also a pilot trained in the USA seems to be restless while thinking about the runway and other systems of aviation industry of Nepal. As a tourism minister he is the one responsible and the one who should be thinking about this and he has been proving that he is best doing his duty and showing love for the aviation industry of Nepal by paying some surprise visits to Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) and inspecting the faulty system over there.

Last Friday, before the sun rose up, the minister who had set an alarm of 3:30 AM could not sleep later than 3 AM. He rose up and instructed his officers to get ready for their inspection. Later only, they realized that they were heading to TIA for the surprise inspection.  Then at 5 AM the minister with the officials and airport authorities arrived the only International Airport of Nepal TIA. The wide spread news about the crack of the only runway of only international airport of Nepal had made the minister restless since few days.

Tourism Minister - Aviation Nepal
Tourism Minister Shahi inspecting the runway at TIA Pic Source: janaboli.com

When the minister stood and on the runway and looked over it, he could found the runway in no better condition than the news spread about it. The only runway of TIA looked very old, cracked and like a torn ragged cloth with patches sewed. The crack and potholes covered by the black toppings made the runway look very ugly as well as it llokied like it was screaming about a possible future disaster due to the ill condition it was living in.  Minister Shahi was very disappointed looking at this miserable condition of the sole international runway of our country.

In the response minister Shahi has demanded a diplomatic and effective plan to improve the condition of the entire airport and the runway. The minister had instructed the authorities of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) to immediately prepare a proposal in uplifting the condition of the airport to the ministry.

TIA Runway - Aviation Nepal
TIA Runway surprise visit by Tourism Minister Shahi Pic Source: janaboli.com

Minister Shahi’s effort to uplift the aviation infrastructures of the country has been appreciated by the people. The people have suggested him to also make an effort improve all the physical infrastructures of TIA and considered his step as a milestone of the extensive improvements that CAAN has to make in raising the standards and safety of aviation in Nepal.

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