Why does Captain Pilot sits on the left side of the aircraft but not in the helicopter?

In those days, when aviation began with military and propeller aircraft, there used to be a single pilot within the aircraft. However, nowadays, large aircraft use twin engines or quad engines; even the six-engine aircraft is present in the world. So the aircraft has about two pilots in a typical short-haul flight, but in the case of any Extra Long Haul flight, there may be three pilots, and in the Antonov aircraft, there may be 3 or 4 pilots and even flight engineers in the cockpit. However, in every plane, the captain sits on the left side, which raises questions of why the captain never sits on the right side?


After World War I, most aircraft had left-turned rotary engines since they followed the engine torque. It was also easier to turn left than to turn right. As a result, the pilots considered the left turn to be a more convenient maneuver, and thus the more experienced pilot began to sit on the left.

There is no slipstream impact in most modern jets. Nevertheless, there are other advantages of sitting on the left. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), all pilots shall proceed to the right in the event of a possible head-on collision. In this situation, the captain pilot is given a better view of the other aircraft. This lets the captain pilot control the aircraft in order to prevent a collision. Thus, the captain pilots are seated on the left side of the cockpit. However, this is not always accurate. Take the example of a student pilot. Student pilots are not the captain in charge, but they always sit on the left seat. Furthermore, the instructors are seated on the right.

Photo: Dornier DO-228 Flight Controls-Cockpit Sita Air

The captain pilot, sitting on the left side of the cabin, has one more advantage. Aircraft taxiing is operated so that the aircraft door is just in front of the airport terminal. Passengers board inside the airplanes from the left side of the aircraft at most airports. Therefore the captain pilot gets a better view of the terminal building. This allows the captain pilot from the terminal building to take a clearer view of the wingtip clearance. This means the aircraft’s wings do not touch the terminal of the airport.

Photo: Dornier DO-228 Flight Controls-Cockpit Simrik Airlines

There are also some conspiracies because the cavalryman hangs their sword on their left hand; they must climb their horse from the left to avoid getting feet tangled. The first pilots also came from the cavalry officers’ ranks and boarded his aircraft from the left side, which was natural. The other one was since the flight was born in the United States, they adapted the driving of the left hand. Maybe left-handed or it, the Wright brothers wanted you to control the throttle with your more substantial hand.

However, in the case of a helicopter, the captain pilot sits on the right. So why is it?

Igor Sikorsky designed the world’s first mass-produced helicopter; the R-4 weight was a serious problem. The R-4 was supposed to be a trainer, but it was so underpowered that Sikorsky searched for some future savings, so Igor and his engineers agreed to let the instructor and the student share a single collective. The only place to put it there was in the middle of the two seats. Given the coordination and strength needed to control the R-4 cyclic for some time, the student often flew from the right.

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Buttons, radios, instrument knobs, rotor brakes, or clutches are typically placed on the center console in a side-by-side crew configuration. The cyclic is situated so that the pilot must use his right hand to control it, leaving the left hand to control the collective lever. So in flight, it is better to let the collective lever go so that you can press the button in the center console. This is way easier to do when sitting in the right seat because if the pilot were in the left seat, he would have to get over to the center console.

These are why the aircraft captain pilot sits on the left side, and the helicopter captain pilot sits on the right side.

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